Date: Tuesday, September 11 2012
Topic: Razorcake

Self-Released, thepullmen.com

From the first few notes of “Ponderosa (Prelude),” images of Southwestern red rock formations began to form in my mind’s eye; even a coyote howled in the distance. Yeah, it’s like that. Taking it further than folk punk, these boys out of Ventura, CA have blazed a trail straight into cowboy punk. If The Man with No Name played the guitar and spoke more than a few choice words, he would’ve rocked this shit. Almost Southern gothic, “Dear Ramirez,” starts off like a Leonard Cohen track, with Shane’s vocals dipping into a sultry baritone as guitar chords plod along slow and methodical, a crashing cymbal punctuating like an exclamation point. “When the Rope Pulls Tight” turns things up by throwing Heather Rae of Rumbleweed and Moonshine Boys into the mix for a knee slappin’ duet. More please. Recommended.


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