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Better Than the Rest: CD
Kind of like some Black Keys stuff. A little Tom Waits-y. Alt-indie-blues, with what I can only think to call “world music” elements (even though that’s basically a crock). One singer also reminds me of Will from Grabass, which I like. I was a little skeptical at first, but it picks up as it goes on, and gets a bit spacey/trippy. Not that bad. –joe (Skullman, skullmanrecords.com)

Undead at Satyricon: Cassette
Portland, Oregon’s Boo Frog was apparently formed for a Lux Interior tribute show and found playing together so rewarding that they kept going. What you have here is a well-recorded live show at the now-closed Satyricon with said band plowing through a set of pretty inspired swampy songs in the vein of (not surprisingly) The Gun Club or The Cramps meets the Stooges. I am reminded of the Starvations as well, which isn’t a bad thing by any means. This must be a soundboard recording, as crowd noise is minimal. Good stuff. –Garrett Barnwell (Skullman, skullmanrecords.com)

: 7”
So I reviewed this dude’s zine in Razorcake a while back, and it was a tour zine regarding his one-man band, Boogdish. I erroneously called said outfit “Moogdish” in the zine review. He later sent this record to ze ‘Cake, along with a letter requesting the staff to please get the name right this time. Okay, dude, here we go: the band’s name is Boogdish. The record is untitled. Said record is a three song, one-sided EP on clear vinyl with a pretty rad red silkscreen on the other side. Definitely looks neat, and the guy seemed pretty okay in his zine, so I wasn’t as initially trepidatious about a record like this (one guy, a bass and a programmed synth) as I normally would be. Unfortunately, this thing essentially came across as outtakes from the Faint’s Danse Macabre stitched together with songs from a Saturday morning cartoon, the whole thing ultimately ruined by the guy’s eye-wateringly bad falsettos in the first song and his homage to ‘50s slow-dance jams in the third. At least I got the name right this time. –keith (Hairy Chested)

People’s Songs: 12”
After a few listens, I had to go online to find out if REM’s Michael Stipe or Lungfish’s Daniel Higgs made guest spots on this album. The evidence is inconclusive. It is not a bad thing, at all. I like both those bands and both those singers. I think The Book Burner’s debut album is good, but it came at me like that feeling when you pick up the wrong glass and, expecting milk, get the orange juice instead. It fucks with your brain. I put this album on and immediately wondered what year it was. The Book Burners sound like a mid-’90s band from a record company like WashingtonD.C.’s Dischord or Seattle’s Sub Pop Records. There are some unbelievable albums from those two labels in that time period. If you were wishing that they had released more, go get People’s Songs.  –John Mule (Latest Flame)

Self-titled: CD
Very slow, very noisy, very arty and very obsessed with knots and seamanship. Okay, you kept my attention for three songs. –jimmy (Arclight)

Disjointed art rock of the ilk that would probably get changed if it came on KXLU while I was driving. –jimmy (www.whoaboat.com)

The New Old Testament: 7”
Kind of like some hipster retelling of the Old Testament, with dark electronica as the background music. The note to the reviewer that was included claims that it’s an attempt to mock religion, but it sort of fails in that regard. Instead, this record is an innovative and playful modernization of the Old Testament. I like it, but not for the reasons that its creator intended for me to like it—rather than mockery, it shows that these mangy old Near Eastern myths might still make sense to us at some level if we package them in a modern idiom. Interesting. –The Lord Kveldulfr (bookoven@gmail.com)

It’s a Weapon: CD
Self-described "NYC DIY hardcore," although they don’t share all that "New Yawk Crew" wanky metal poo-poo. There’s only one "fast" song, and they occasionally dip their toes in the dreaded emo cesspool. But there’s an undeniable intensity and power in their approach that makes them veer more towards the "damn good" end of the spectrum than the "not even giving free blow jobs would make us sound better" end of things. I’m impressed and I wholly recommend this. –jimmy (Satellite Transmissions, PO Box 4432, Boulder, CO 80306)

Hall of Fame of Fire (Plus Singles and B-sides): CD
When I was in college several years ago, almost all the punks there were exclusively into grindcore, noise, thrash, emo, etc. What was a decent, harmony-loving punk who wasn’t given to public emotional breakdowns to do? Well, when in Rome… I ended up going to a fair amount of shows I would’ve never gone to otherwise, and one of those shows was Books Lie. I actually ended up seeing them a few times, and, out of all “those” bands, they were the only ones I actually thought were all right. This CD is both a new album and lots of singles and b-sides. Hardcore with some metal influence, definitely a Heartattack kind of thing! I’d be lying if I said I listen to it all the time, but the fact that I listen to it at all, given my musical tastes, must be worth something! If this were a cereal, it’d be Heartattack Ohs! Oh, subculture! –Maddy (Level-Plane)

Weep: CD
I’m assuming they’re supposed to be a hardcore band, but they sound more like a talentless emo band than anything else. A decade from now, when they’ve all sold out and got the corporate jobs that are their birthright, they can pull this outta the box in the back of the garage, show it to their kids, and tell them of a time when mommy and daddy were cool. Should work so long as they don’t ever play it for the little rugrats. –jimmy (coalition-rec@hotmail.com)

The Business End: CD
This looked cool when I picked it up. Wacky song titles like “I Will Straight Get You Arrested” and “What Satan Said to Me,” and of course the album title is clever, too. Don’t get me wrong—I like the electronic music the kids are digging today just as much as the next guy. I was hoping this would be as good as Voyager One’s latest record—or better. Sadly, I was dead wrong. The keyboards sound like they were mixed using a 1982 Commodore 64. The songs—there’s just nothing here that grabs me. By my third go-round (and believe me, it took many Beck’s to make it through the third go-round, my friends), I was hoping that the girl on the back cover would jump out with that pocketknife she had and stab me so I would be rendered unconscious. Unfortunately that did not happen either. –koepenick (Greyday Productions)

Música Sin La Intervención De Cristo: LP
Boom Boom Kid are one of the few punk bands to take musical risks anymore. Even more impressive is that the risks they take turn out successfully. Primarily pop punk, but they sometimes go into grind, hardcore punk, then folk style songs like “Como Empezar...El Despues,” or really super pop that hearkens back to mid-1970s AM radio fare, like “I Do.” Then there’s a song like “Pon To Corazon El La Musica” that brings to mind late 1980s / early ‘90s Dischord bands like Fugazi and Jawbox. If the syrupy sweet “Si Esas Paredes Hablaran... Maria Ojos Negros No Mas” doesn’t stick in your skull and put a smile on your face, then you might be dead. Or just an asshole. The mood is light, the songs are catchy as hell, and played with nothing but heart. This LP is a collection of songs from all their previous releases. Obviously, a good jumping off point. I know I’m going to start searching out their back catalog. This stuff is great, and will get many repeated listens.  –Matt Average (SPHC, sphc.bigcartel.com)

Treasure Trove of Trash: CD
Okay, Sean. You know how to get my attention. Who else are you going to send a CD that is absolutely covered with porn. Not just your regular “high dollar” porn, but porn with trashy girls in gang bangs, BDSM, facials, pissing, anal fisting, squirting orgasms, and a guy taking a dump in a girl’s mouth, all right there on the cover. So, with expectations really high at this point, I popped in the CD. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t meet them. Very dull, southern style rock’n’roll. It actually sounds like most of the stuff I would hear on the jukeboxes in the redneck bars in Florida with one slight exception: the lyrics. For example, song titles include “Too Much Porn,” “Smut Peddler,” “Big Muff Earth Mama” and “Gorilla Crotch.” Here is a little of what Bootleg Bill has to offer: “Gonna poke your hole until you’re dead/Gonna slow fuck your face until it’s red” and “Hardcore porn has served me well/I’m gonna shit on your face, please enjoy the smell.” I bet this guys gets all the chicks with lines like that. –toby (Scarey)

Country & Eastern: CD
There seems to be an awful lot of bands out there doing the whole “pirate” thing these days. Come to think of it, there are a few bands doing that “gypsy” thing, too. What if someone were to start some kind of “gypsy-pirate” hybrid thing? A Gyprate band! There would be fiddles and accordions and banjos and mandolins playing sea shanties... If that is something you’ve been clamoring for then Bootscraper is your band. It’s well played and pretty fun. I get the feeling that seeing them live would be a booze-soaked, wench on either arm type of affair that I would have a hard time remembering in the morning. Sign me up. –ty (TNS, tnsrecords.co.uk)

Self-titled: CD
This sounds like something that should be played on a pirate ship. I really hate this kind of stuff. Decided to look at the insert and there’s really lame artwork of them playing on a pirate ship. Real original. Watch out for the curve balls. Sarcasm. The term “Aggro Folk” is prominently displayed, yet this isn’t aggressive or folk, it’s just bad. –Rene Navarro (TNS)

No Sympathy: CDEP
Once I got past the annoying “sound of someone getting their ass kicked” intro, this was pretty good up-tempo street punk fare. The singer’s voice has a unique quality that I like. The music is well played, but for some reason, the snare drum is really loud and in the front of the mix. It’s really distracting, to the point where it’s making me enjoy this less. I’d like to hear a better recording. –ty (Lude Boy)

A three-piece from Italy that, apparently, has been shredding since 2010. The sound here veers between full-frontal punk that recalls The Damned, while other tracks lean on stoner rock standards. It’s still more Motörhead then straight-up sludge in most cases. “Satan’s Priest” lives up to its name. Burning flames and taking names! Solid work.  –koepenick (Kornalcielo, kornalcielo.wordpress.com)

Party ‘Til You Puke: 10"
Power pop by way of smooth garage/girl groups, with a noticeable rock’n’roll influence—not in the Chuck Berry vein, so much as the kinds of bands like the Reigning Sound or Used Kids, and while, admittedly, I don’t know that kind of stuff that well compared to a lot of my friends, I do like this. I recognize Addie from Lefty Loosie (who did a good job singing before, but really sounds fantastic here), but not the other dude singing, who provides a good contrast, keeping things interesting. This is terrific! –joe (Repulsion)

Self-titled: 7” EP
If throwback early ‘80s hardcore was an illness (and I’m sure some would argue it is), then this Wisconsin quartet would be terminal. What makes Bored Straight stand out from any number of bands playing this brand of punk? It doesn’t look like much. But! It might be the fact they totally know it and flaunt it with pride ala illusions of early ‘80s hardcore bands such as Die Kruezen and Minor Threat. Either way, it rips. –Daryl Gussin (Data Control)

Split: 7"
Wisconsin seems to have an unusually good instinct to stacking bands up on top of each other. This 7” is the equivalent of a River West basement show, except there are only three bands and I have yet to bang my head on the house’s plumbing system. Musically, the trio at hand offers varying speeds and ideologies of harsh, wintered hardcore punk that range in the humor/seriousness department. While not cooking up something for “everyone,” it definitely packs a punch for those who are lookin’ for it. –Daryl Gussin (Holy Shit!)

Craving for Change: LP+CD
Strasbourg, France’s The Boring play melodic hardcore with some nods to crusty and emocore. The lead singer shouts his overtly political, struggle-oriented lyrics with the rest of the band kicking in some backup vocals here and there. It’s not perfect by any means—for instance far too many of the songs are similar in sound—but the sincerity and passion are definitely there. I could see these guys kicking ass live. –Craven (Blood And Doner, captain.ahab@gmail.com)

Noise: CD
Possibly the most polarizing release yet from these longtime audio terrorists. Polarizing in that longtime fans might be surprised at the “new” sound and direction the band are taking on this album, but once the shock fades it becomes apparent that this is really just the perfect distillation of the band’s work to date. This CD is at once maybe the heaviest, most poppy, beautiful release I have heard this year. My only complaint is that the album was pretty short by today’s standards. It left me wanting more—much more—but, then again, I guess that is one of the marks of a great album, isn’t it?  –Garrett Barnwell (Sargent House)

...Is Gay: CD
What I like about Boris the Sprinkler is that they put out new albums often enough so that a newish Boris the Sprinkler record is always on high rotation in my life. And all their albums are really good. "..Is Gay" keeps SweetTart-blood-level high. It's fast, bouncy, Ramones-distorted, Norb-twisted rock'n'roll. The monologue is back at the beginning, thanks to a little pre-planning (they stuck Paul #1 in a soundproof booth while Rev. Norb delivered his sermon [though not without having to monologue duel with the computer from the "Group Sex" album]). But I don't want to give away too many secrets. Suffice it to say that the schtick is still funny, and the songs around the schtick are still great. –sean (Go Kart, PO Box 20 Prince St. Station, NY, NY 10012)

...Is Gay!: CD
If you’ve heard ’em before, you already know what to expect: pop punk gems with sly, intelligently stuuupid lyrics. Norb has always reminded me of Tesco Vee, albeit sans Tesco’s preoccupations with his penis, Abba and homosexuals (which isn’t to say that Norb doesn’t often touch upon [no pun intended] these subjects [cf. any one of his columns in Hit List or MRR (the latter [that’s “latter,” not “ladder”] of which no longer carries his columns [which is their loss, I guess])]), and this particular opinion of mine is further bolstered by the fact that the opening track, “Motherfucker Are You Ready to Rock?” sounds like a Meatmen outtake. –jimmy (Go Kart)

Sun Baked Snow Cave: CD
This is just kinda one long weird noise with some clicking. At least I think it’s clicking, or it might be my CD player fucking up, I can’t tell. This shit is weird. Who would listen to this? It’s like an hour long. –ben (Hydrahead)

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