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Faction Destroys O.C., The—Cab’s 50th B-Day Bash: DVD

By Ty Stranglehold

The Faction, at some point around 2014, got back together to play some shows, culminating in this DVD which was filmed at guitarist (and legendary pro skater) Steve Caballero’s fiftieth birthday party.

$5 ppd., 5½” x 8”, 56 pgs.
By Matt Average

This issue breaks away from the format of the first two and interviews a ton of bands like Coke Bust, Punch, Street Pizza, Curmudgeon, Sectarian Violence, BearTrap, and more.

Featured DVD Review from Issue #89
Records Collecting Dust
By Staff

Fucking great idea. 

Featured DVD Review From Issue #91
The Faction Destroys O.C.
By Staff

This is an amazing document featuring one of the best,
unsung bands in West Coast hardcore history.

Featured DVD Reviews from Issue #81
Grant Hart talking about Grant Hart
By norb

Featured DVD Reviews from issue #84
Johnny Thunders, Cockney Rejects, Hardcore Norfolk
By Staff

 Director Danny Garcia is a huge Johnny Thunders fan. Huge. 
I mean, Garcia made this film about the guy, so it’s fairly obvious. 
With that said, his fandom is 
Looking for Johnny’s biggest flaw.

Featured DVD Reviews From Issue #85
Positive Force, Aftermass, Devo, The Brothers Gross, Clockwork Orange County
By Staff

Positive Force: More Than a Witness: 30 Years of Punk Politics in Action -
It’s one thing to yell, “Fuck the system.” It’s quite another to work to keep
people from getting fucked by the system.

Featured DVD Reviews From Issue #86
the Gears inhabit that wonderful, early era of Americana punk rock that was more
By Staff

L.A. punk pioneers The Gears get the documentary treatment
in an ode to rock and roll in 1970s East L.A.

Fest 3, The: DVD

By Daryl Gussin

This DVD also gave me the chance to see how boring indie rock really is. ‘Cause I knew it was boring, I’m not stupid, but holy fuckin’ shit, it looks painfully boring! The music sucks, the crowd is standing stiffer than a starch junkie on payday, and everyone is wearing their shirts!

Fested, A Journey to Fest 7
By joe

At its core, this is a documentary about a group of friends in a band going to play the Fest and what they see and do for the weekend.

Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All
By Colin Flaherty

A slick and thorough documentary about a very important band and its underappreciated brother(poor All!), Filmage does a great job in covering every musical endeavour of Bill Stevenson in all their different permutations (including his stint in Black Flag).

Five Iron Frenzy: The Rise and Fall of
By todd

I do believe in miracles, and this DVD has one. The music’s completely forgettable and quickly goes down the memory hole along with Save Ferris, Reel Big Fish, and MXPX. You’d think that Jesus would inspire better hooks.

Fleshtones: Pardon Us for Living but the Graveyard Is Full
By Sal Lucci

one of the first bands to show their ‘60s garage influences on their punk sleeves.

Live Target Video 77–1980-81: DVD
By Adrian

These sets probably won’t win over new fans, but it’s fascinating to see the band during its heyday.

From the Back of the Room: DVD

By Katie Dunne

The scope is a fantastic sample of women who felt outside of, or indifferent to, the concepts of feminist punk in the ‘90s and women who have specifically and adamantly decided to play music with other women for political or personal reasons.


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