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Vegas Knockout: A Novel in Stories
By P Moss, 177 pgs.
By todd

Vegas Knockout has the patience of confident noir. Through what at first seem loosely related short stories, a clear, almost invisible filament tightly cinches up the narrative, story by story. The main character of the book isn’t a person, but a city.

Vicious Red Relic, Love, The
By Anna Joy Springer, 199 pgs.
By Steve Hart

The Vicious Red Relic, Love, explores sexuality and feminism. It tackles the terribleness of molestation and death, and is probably the most punk rock thing I’ve ever read in my entire life.

Vile Men
By Rebecca Jones-Howe, 189 pgs.
By Jim Woster

In Vile Men, Jones-Howe forges into our collective sexual grotesque of victims and predators and discovers actual human beings everywhere she looks.

Villain’s Sidekick, The
By Stephen T. Brophy, 78 pgs.
By Claire Palermo

Fans of film noir and true crime whodunits will relish The Villain’s Sidekick, as it employs classic tactics of both.

Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage: A Chicana Punk Story
By Alice Bag
By todd

It’s a memoir of a bad-assed punk lady who isn’t an unholy fuckface whining for deferred glory and overdue royalties.

Virginia Mine Wars
By David Alan Corbin, 248 pgs.
By Steve Hart

Gun Thugs, Rednecks And Radicals surpasses all my expectations of what a book about striking miners could be about. I highly recommend it to anyone: history buffs, union radicals, or otherwise.

Visual Vitriol: The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore Generati
By David A. Ensminger, 334 pgs.
By Aphid Peewit

Author David Engsminger would probably be quick to point out that Visual Vitriol is neither a punk rock coffee table book nor a strictly analytical study intended for academicians.

Voices in Wartime Anthology
Edited by Andrew Himes, et al., 244 pgs.
By The Lord Kveldulfr

Voices in Wartime Anthology is one of the more compelling books that I’ve read recently, and one that has a level of importance for every citizen of this country, if not for every member of the human race.


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