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Aaron Cometbus, paperback, 90 pgs.
By sean

Aaron writes at a level that’s miles above what you would expect from a personal zine. I’ll even go so far as to say that he writes at a level above most writers: zinesters, journalists, “serious literary authors,” whoever.

Last Mass
By Jamie Iredell, 199 pgs.
By Jim Woster

Jamie Iredell set out to write his big novel about Spain’s colonization of California.What Iredell ended up writing was his own collage of California’s colonial history and his Catholic upbringing on California’s CentralCoast.

Last of the Hippies, The: An Hysterical Romance
By Penny Rimbaud, 117 pgs.
By Craven Rock

Sticking to what you believe in is what comes through in this book. Rimbaud, one of the founders of Crass, still believes that people can govern themselves without interference from the state.

Last One to Die
By Michael Essington, 204 pgs.
By jimmy

For a scene that purportedly disdained “rock stars”, so little attention has been given to chronicling, the gaggles of punkers and punkettes who bought the records, attended shows, and were the lifeblood of “the scene.”

League, The
By Billups Allen, 192 pgs.
By kurt

The League is a quick-moving story about Martin Selby, a twenty-something who has recently moved from the East Coast to a California college town in the desert. Trying to overcome social anxiety, obesity, and a shitty job, he eventually finds some relief in sumo wrestling.

Left of the Dial: Conversations with Punk Icons
By David Ensminger, 320 pgs.
By jimmy

It is less a history lesson in the strictest sense than an attempt to document the threads of punk’s ideological framework, its common core motivations, and its unspoken philosophies.

Letters to Kurt
By Eric Erlandson, 159 pgs.
By kurt

It is interesting to see how a celebrity views certain issues and people, and it was also impressive to see Erlandson’s knowledge of popular culture and his political understanding. It made for more lively reading than most poetry I’ve come across. Yet I’m still hesitant to fully endorse the book.

Let’s Go to Hell: Scattered Memories of the Butthole Surfers
By James Burns, 504 pgs.
By Adrian Salas

The Butthole Surfers’ story is cobbled together from interviews author James Burns has compiled over the years, archival materials such as zine columns, and a healthy dose of conjecture.

Life and Limb: Skateboarders Write from the Deep End
Edited by Justin Hocking, Jeffrey Knutson, and Jared Maher, 188 pgs.
By todd

Life and Limb also has the feel of a book you could give to a non-skater to show them that skateboarding’s world is much wider than a bunch of concrete-terrorizing miscreants or an ever-touring corporately sponsored modular park with jacked-up commentators.

Life Won’t Wait
By Michael Essington, 173 pgs.
By kurt

Michael Essington’s second book is certainly a page-turner, despite grievous errors, many of which could be fixed fairly simply. Essington writes from the heart and has some great stories to tell, whether it’s meeting singer Eddie Money or experiences with his health. It’s the substance of the material that made me read this in two sittings.

Lifter Puller vs. The End of
Compiled By Jessica Hopper, 90 pgs., with download card
By Nick Toerner

I decided to splurge on this retrospective about Lifter Puller, the underappreciated-during-their-time Minneapolitan indie rock punk band.

Literotica: The Very Best of Literotica.com
Edited by Lori Selke, paperback, 236 pages
By Guest Contributor

There’s a lot of kick-ass erotica out there – it’s well-written AND it turns you on, so don’t let Litter, um, Literotica fool you into thinking otherwise.

Locust House: A Novella
By Adam Gnade, 48 pgs.
By Kurt Morris

Adam Gnade has written a novella that tells the story of a house show—the last night for the house before the residents are evicted.

Lord of Garbage
By Kim Fowley, 146 pgs.
By Sal Lucci

Here we have Fowley’s autobiography, the first book in a promised trilogy. Cool rock’n’roll nostalgia from a fringe player.

Losing in Gainesville
By Brian Costello, 524 pgs.
By Chris Terry

Losing in Gainesvilleis five hundred pages of quarter-life crisis for the type of dudes who start a new band every time they get drunk, but haven’t actually touched their guitars in months.

Lost in the Supermarket
by Chaz Matthews, 100 pgs.
By keith

His anecdotes about his coworkers were the bright spot throughout the book: they came across as crazed, nonsensical, obscene, and vile, and shit like that always makes for good reading.

Loyola Chin and the San Peligran Order
By Gene Yang, 100 pages
By Guest Contributor

This a talky comic—low on action, character reaction and backgrounds, with a sensitive voice but hollow characters.

Lux Nova Umbra Est, She's Dead!, and Dohrn
Photos Taken at the Glasshouse Record Store, Pomona, California, 2/9/08
By don

Not sure what Lux Nova Umbra Est means but they have a member of Man is the Bastard and the heaviness was a bitch slap to the face.


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