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Hairstyles of the Damned
by Joe Meno, 270 pages
By sean

This book is like group therapy for anyone who was a disaffected loner in high school, and for anyone who found a way out through punk rock. 

Hank Williams: Snapshots from the Lost Highway
Colin Escott and Kira Florita, hardback, 208 pgs
By Guest Contributor

An exceptionally captivating page-perusing experience from cover-to-cover and back again. So “move it on over” to your local bookstore now, and put forth the bucks for this here outstanding hardback treasure-trove.

Hard Art: DC 1979
By Lucian Perkins, 94 pgs.
By jimmy

The book is a nice collection of a few brief snapshot moments from the infancy of one of the planet’s most influential punk scenes.

Hardcore Zen Strikes Again!
By Brad Warner, 169 pgs.
By Aphid Peewit

After reading Hardcore Zen Strikes Again, to the same conclusion I arrived at after having read any of Warner’s books: though I don’t always see eye to eye with him and I occasionally cringe when I step into one of the piles of dogma he leaves to mark his philosophical territory, I still enjoy his astringent, irreverent flavor of Zen.

Harold’s Horrible Life
By Billy McCall, 131 pgs.
By Andy Conway

I really enjoyed Harold’s Horrible Life. It’s a tale of seething hatred and murder.This is McCall’s first novel and he brings a darkness and real feeling of unease to his writing. I’m eager to read what he writes next.

Hawaii Punk
By Raoul Vehill, 399 pgs.
By Evan Katz

Young people are fucking stupid.



Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair
By Scott Laudati, 116 pgs.
By Ashley

He does not sing the body electric but rather passively bemoans his failed encounters with the opposite sex. He does not measure his life out in coffee spoons but rather in lines of coke. The word choice is sparse and to-the-point.

Hawai’i: 1778-1959, From Western Discovery to Statehood
By J. Gerlach, 34 pgs.
By Steve Hart

The history of Hawai’i is very difficult to document. I think the author did an admirable job, but there are huge omissions (like the petition against annexation in 1887 and the petition against statehood in 1954) that leave holes in the heart of the story that I wish were included.

Heavy Hangs the Head
By Taryn Hipp, 139 pgs.
By kurt

Taryn Hipp’s Heavy Hangs the Head is an intriguing read written by a woman in her mid-thirties who is looking back at her life of alcoholism, feminism, and bad relationships.

Hell’s Bent on Rockin’ – A History of Psychobilly
By Craig Brackenridge, paperback, 2007, 227 pages
By thiringer

In-depth, almost genealogical-like coverage on pretty much every psycho band ever to exist around the globe; illustrated in black and white,  with tons of photos and flyers covering the entire quarter-century existence of this genre.

Henry & Glenn Forever
By Igloo Tornado, 64 pgs.
By aphid

Both men are shown exposing a vulnerable side not befitting their respective reps as bad asses with big necks.

Hiding Out
By Jonathan Messinger, 195 pgs.
By todd

It’s also asserted that we’re all influenced by what we come in contact with. Objects play heavily in Hiding Out: a soccer ball that causes an aneurysm, dead birds, a glowing, winged refrigerator magnet that’s really fucking with a dude, a Harley Davidson, a wrought-iron fence that challenges an over-sized head...

High on Blood at the End of the World
By Joel Kaplan, 284 pgs.
By Steve Hart

High on Blood at the End of the World travels down some dark corridors, leaving no dirty room unexplored. Satanists, hypersexual teenage girls, serial killers, drug abusers, and incest-curious siblings tangle with each other in a novel of supernatural freakiness. Frank, the protagonist, is always up for adventure. Have some drugs? Don’t know what they are? Don’t know what they do? No problem for Frank. He’ll take ‘em. Need some dirty work done? Frank’s got this one handled. Wanna have some freaky sex?

Hip Hop Apsara
By Anne Elizabeth Moore, 96 pgs.
By kurt

Hit the Ground Stumbling
By Nate Gangelhoff
By Daryl Gussin

More Carswellian than Cometbus, the pages replace nostalgia for questions, and he doesn’t claim to have all the answers.

Homesweet Homegrown
By Robyn Jasko, 127 pgs.
By kurt

This is a good starter guide with basic, straightforward information in one compact, handy book. There are also illustrations throughout that keep it from being a dull read.

Hostile City or Bust
By Phil Irwin (aka The Whiskey Rebel), 105 pgs.
By sean

Much like the Philadelphia Phillies’ John Kruk wasn’t an athlete, Irwin isn’t a writer, he’s a storyteller.

How and Why: A Do-It-Yourself Guide
By Matte Resist, 175 pgs.
By Mark Twistworthy

This guide takes the realm of DIY guides to the next level and makes those other guides seem like kid’s stuff.

How Nonviolence Protects the State
by Peter Gelderloos, 280 pgs.
By Guest Contributor

Gelderloos does not advocate violence; he simply believes that violence as a tactic should stay on the table and be open for debate. Would cops be so nonchalant with the use of clubs, mace, and rubber bullets if they knew their force would be met with the same force in kind?

How Shall I Live My Life—On Liberating the Earth from Civilization
By Derrick Jensen, 302 pgs.
By Steve Hart

It drives home deeply that there is a serious crisis modern civilization is facing but does allow for hope and a solution.

How the Hula Girl Sings
by Joe Meno, 209 pgs.
By sean

Meno has a way of opening up the raw nerves of his characters and laying them out on the table for anyone to take a look at.

How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office
Edited by Adrienne Maree Brown and William Upski Wimsatt, 206 pgs.
By Maddy

Sure, there are dozens of books about how Bush is evil, how politics are corrupt, and how America has become a right-wing theocracy. And I like those books; but this book actually shows you how to do something about it.

How to Ru(i)n a Record Label: The Story of Lookout Records
By Larry Livermore, 282 pgs.
By Michael T. Fournier

It appears Livermore’s answer to the titular question is to hire a woman. As Molly Neuman becomes part of the label’s management, we see Lookout! Records come off the rails, acting like a major label, spending ridiculous money on barely-seen videos, putting out more records than it can adequately promote, and dealing with Ben Weasel.

Human Punk
By John King, 341 pgs.
By Michael T. Fournier

Joe Martin, the novel’s protagonist, is a rough-and-tumble teenager when Human Punkbegins in 1977. He lives with his parents, hangs around with his friends, and picks cherries and works in pubs to finance his record buying and drinking. Between tube station dust-ups with boot boys he sees tons of bands play, including a SPOTS-era Sex Pistols gig. And there’s tons of speed to be snorted.

Humorless Ladies of Border Control, The : Touring the Punk Underground from Belg
By Franz Nicolay, 359 pgs.
By Jim Joyce

A researched, charming, and sharp account of touring eastern Europe during the days of Ukraine’s revolution, Pussy Riot’s arrest, and a hundred other memorable moments from a wandering musician’s perspective.

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