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Back of the Line, The
By Jeff Parker, Illustrated By William Powhida, 72 pgs.
By kurt

It’s also funny to see the way the phrases associated with them, written underneath their portrait, reduce each person to their own little quip. When taken out of context it is even funnier.

Bad Habits: A Love Story
By Cristy C. Road, 214 pgs.
By todd

To me, the problems Carmenita are going to face are as obvious from the first chapter as a wobbly vegetable truck sputtering along in the fast lane in an episode of CHiPs.

Bad: The Autobiography of James Carr
by James Carr, 238 pgs.
By sean

He definitely had the kind of life that warrants an autobiography. Bad is a great read. And, strangely enough – because this never happens with autobiographies – it has a somewhat surprising ending on a couple of levels.

Bags, The, Gronkpatssiparty, Punkrocklosangeles
By Louis Jacinto
By jimmy

photos that both capture the bands in their prime andthe L.A. punk scene at a time when the rules had yet to become rigid and history was still something to be destroyed.

Bakunin: The Creative Passion
By Mark Leier, 374 pgs.
By Steve Hart

Both Marx Bakunin act like petty school boys trying to please their teacher with excellent test scores and essays while blowing spitballs in each other’s ears behind the teacher’s back.

Banned for Life
By D.R. Hanley, 405pgs.
By Billups Allen

Jason Maddox is a punk rocker whose moderate success as a writer and screen director never eclipses his obsession with Jim Cassady, a sort of Jim Carroll, poet type of old school punker. Cassady fronted the band Rule Of Thumb, Jason’s ideal pet punk band and a street legend of Cassady’s struggle with reclusiveness and homelessness keeps Maddox searching for news of whereabouts regarding his hero.

Barefoot and in the Kitchen
By Ashley Rowe
By Katie Dunne

It was delicious, like pretty much everything in this vegan cookbook, and I’m not a vegan. It includes several references in the front that define ingredients and methods that may be obscure to readers.

Barefoot Gen: The Day After, Vol. 2
by Keiji Nakazawa, 234 pgs
By sean

It’s a gripping and horrifying book, a first hand account of what a nuclear bomb really does.

Barred for Life
By Stewart Dean Ebersole, 322 pgs.
By kurt

A plethora of photos of people with their tattoos of The Bars... The book is about more than just the tattoo; it’s about how The Bars has affected so many people.

Beat the Heat: How to Handle Encounters with Law Enforcement
By Katya Komisaruk, 192 pages.
By megan

There’s a lot of helpful tips about witnessing police misconduct, working with a lawyer, the rights of non-citizens, and dealing with undercover cops.

Beautiful Blemish
by Kevin Sampsell
By sean

He’s almost Freudian in his exploration of sexual fetishes, and this makes for a fun journey through one man’s id.

Beautiful on the Outside, Rich on the Inside
By Hunter S. Douglas III, 300 pgs.
By todd

As it stands, this book reinforces what I don’t like about the internet itself: It’s barely edited, filled with repetition, and woefully lacking in much of what gives me joy and as a human being…

Become the Media
by Jello Biafra, Audio Book
By sean

What I like about Jello Biafra is that he's punk rock's own well-respected intellectual.

Jello Biafra, Audio Book
By sean

Basically, “Become the Media” is kind of a crash course in leftist or radical politics. Biafra is admirably thorough in his research, and even when he’s not, his irreverence is enough to keep me listening.

Beggars of Life: A Hobo Autobiography
by Jim Tully, 170 pages
By sean

This is the first of five books that Tully wrote about his hobo days.

Beginning of the American Fall, The
By Stephanie McMillan, 141 pgs
By kurt

 McMillan has her finger on the pulse of the movement and does a commendable job of not only providing a personal point of view but also giving an educational experience as to what Occupy was about.

Best of Intentions, The: The Avow Anthology (2nd edition)
By Keith Rosson, 288 pgs.
By Lauren Trout

You might wonder where this guy came from and how he got to have such a solid footing amongst both punk rockers and zinesters. For that answer, you will have to look at Avow, his long- running personal zine.



Best of Intentions: The Avow Anthology, The
No page numbers, but it looks like it’s over 300, by Keith Rosson
By todd

Keith also has some gems of great advice. My favorite is on the back of postcard he sent to a friend: “Take care of yourself, and for fuck’s sake, if you’re going to drive around with expired tags, take the gun out of the glovebox.”

Best of Punk Magazine, The
Edited by John Holmstrom and Bridget Hurd
By Billups Allen

Extended essays about the timeline of the production preempt every few issues. These stories add context and tone about the scene that really makes the story of Punk come to life. I found these segments informative and entertaining.

Best of Yellow Rake Zine, The
Edited by Brian Polk
By Steve Hart

I have to admit, I’ve never seen Yellow Rake before and that’s a damn shame, for the contributors in Yellow Rake have some serious writing chops.

Better If You Don’t Come Back
By Joseph DeMough
By Steve Hart

This is a fun novel about skating and smoking dope, getting a job, and being a teenager and not being in control of your life.

Beyond the Music: How Punks Are Saving the World
with DIY Ethics, Skills and Values, Edited by Joe Biel 191 pgs.
By Steve Hart

Beyond the Music isn’t a book of nostalgia. Instead, this is a collection of stories, essays, and interviews detailing the journey of people within punk rock and focusing on what they are involved with presently.

Bicycle!: A Repair & Maintenance Manifesto (second edition)
By Sam Tracy, 248 pgs.
By kurt

A book like Bicycle! is meant for anyone who works on bikes regularly.

Big Oldie: A Collection of Comic Zines
By Rick V., 89 pgs.
By Sean Arenas

Even if you lack artistic expertise, personal expression is a muscle that anyone can flex. Rick has exercised his muscles by documenting his local punk scene and his trials and tribulations in maintaining DIY space 1919 Hemphill.

Big Shiny Prison, The: Volume 1
By Ryan Bartek, 484 pgs.
By Michael T. Fournier

This book, the first of several installments, recounts Ryan Bartek’s nine months on the road, on busses and on tour, all the adventures he has, all the people and bands he talks to and interviews. But despite all the experience, all the words and pages, remarkably little is said.

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