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Warcry, Bumbklaatt, Creosote, and Doomsday Hour
Photos Taken at the Relax Bar, Hollywood, California, 2/22/08
By don

Nothing like having someone sing right into your face.  It makes you feel connected.

Watch Me Burn, Eat the Living, Progeria, and It’s Casual
At the Relax Bar, Hollywood, California, 8/9/08
By don

You never know when a band will break up.  So you need to go out and see bands before it’s too late.

Watch Me Burn, Manslaughter, and Eat the Living
Photos Taken at the Relax Bar, Hollywood, California, 7/6/07
By don

For the uninitiated, you would describe it as a mixture of Primus meets Napalm Death.  Isn't that kooky?

Watch Me Burn, Phobia, and Eat the Living
Photos Taken at Charlie O's, Los Angeles, California, 9/8/07
By don

Grrrrr!  Roooaar!

Weakerthans and Jason Collett
At the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA, July 22, 2009
By Adrian

John Samson lost it during the song “Bigfoot!” after his line about a “diabetic moon” elicited an enthusiastic“Whoo! Diabetes!”

-22-09_thumb.JPG" />

Weedeater and It’s Casual
Photos Taken at the Relax Bar, Hollywood, California, 8/31/08
By don

Pass the duchie on the left hand side.

What Ben Snakepit Remembers About the Fest
Here's a Hint: It's Not Much!
By Guest Contributor

Who knows where I went to sleep?

What He Sees
Henry Rollins’s Spoken Word Tour, by Chris Pepus
By Guest Contributor

Another compelling story was the description of Rollins’s recent trip to DC to see his old friend Ian Mackaye. When asked about the state of American music, MacKaye replied that it was great, taking Rollins to three shows at out of the way clubs to prove it.

White Lung’s Record Release Show at St. Vitus Bar, Brooklyn NY, June 25th 2014
Why Are You Acting Dead?
By Jamie L. Rotante

White Stripes
12/8/00 at Spaceland
By Bob Cantu

The audience hung on to every note and syllable the singer.

Windy City Sound Clash 2010
By Nighthawk
By Guest Contributor

I ended up at Kevin and Ben’s in just my underwear and shoes. I should mention also, that you have to walk past an elementary school to get from one house to the other. Good thing it was the weekend.

Witch Hunt, Born/Dead, Coaccion, and Deadlock
Photos Taken at the Long Beach Warehouse, California, 5/5/06
By don

Did you know that the double dots above the o, like in Motorhead and Deadlock, are called a diaeresis? It's black shirt, bullet belt grammar you can use.

Photos Taken at the East Los Warehouse, California, 4/22/06
By don

Is the drummer the doppelganger of Jeff Clayton of the AntiSeen?

The neckbeards are an almost identical match!

World Burns to Death, Scarred for Life, Kegcharge, and Natural Disaster
Live Photos Taken at the New Long Beach Warehouse, California, 9/17/05
By don

Posi-core, dude!

Wounded Lion
At Mr. T’s Bowl, LA, CA, June 14, 2008
By ryan

A Wounded Lion litmus test for a successful show: If Raffi is dancing up a storm, the Lion is on. Tonight Raffi looked like Lenin on PCP. Mission accomplished.

Wulfen Rag, Spokenest, and Winter Break at Bridge Town D.I.Y. Aug. 22, 2014
No Human Is Illegal! Show Review
By Rene Navarro


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