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A Tale of Three Cities: Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires
A Search for DIY Punk Rock
By Jennifer Federico

I had been hoping to be grabbed!

A Veritable Smorgasbord of New England Punk Rock
Ten Bands for Ten Bucks
By brian

I only wish one of them could have been drunk enough to throw up on the hippie.

Acephalix, Impaled, BlöödHag, and 400 Blows
At Annie’s, SF, CA, May 10th, 2008
By J. Federico

Oh yeah, Orks. It reminded me of running through the forest with Orks chasing you.

Adicts, The, Fallujah 71, The Maxies, The Retcons, and Godzilla
April 5, 2009 @ American Legion Post 79 (Riverside, CA)
By Marcus Solomon

She was trembling, and sort of crying with a clenched fist to her mouth. “Are you freaking out?” I asked. “Yes.” Was her quivering reply. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” “It’s gooood!” she squealed.

Adolescents, The
live at the Galaxy 11/23/01
By Kristen K

Their hair may be longer, their bellies bigger, but on the 20th anniversary of the blue album Steve, Tony, Casey, Rikk and Frank ripped it up just like the old days.

Adolescents, the Dickies, and Channel 3
Live at the House of Blues
By don

It must have been a pretty strange sight for the kids to see an Asian guy in his late thirties with a noticeable gut spazzing out.

At the El Rio, SF, CA, July 11, 2009
By J. Federico

I was not only not disappointed, but extremely enamored during and totally fucking psyched afterwards.

AFI, Blood Brothers, Death by Stereo
Live at the Universal Amphitheater, Universal City, CA, 10/30/03
By don

I looked at the faces behind me and their eyes made me believe that they were seeing god. I couldn't shake off the chill that I received from the energy the crowd was giving off.

AFI, Thrice, Missing 23rd, Toys That Kill
at the Palace 10/05/21
By don

AFI finishes and an encore is soon summoned by the crowd at hand. If they don't come back on the crowd would easily have destroyed the place. As choreographed, the band comes back and closes to a near riot of energy. As soon as it started, it finishes.

Against Me!, Grabass Charlestons, Whiskey and Co., and the Tim Version
at Market Street Pub a benefit for Protect, Gainesville, FL 7/24/04
By todd

If riots could be tender, this is what they'd look like.

AGE, Hellshock, Against Empire, Barren, and Svarta Tankar
Photos Taken at Rabid Records, Tarzana, California, 10/16/07
By don

I for once was not one of the few Asians at the punk rock show.

AGE, Hellshock, Holokaust, and Against Empire
Photos at El Centro de Accion Popular, Los Angeles, California, 10/19/07
By don

Getting to see a band I like from Japan twice makes me wet my underwear.

Aghast, Giuda, and Thou
Photos Taken at AWS, Rowland Heights, California, 7/11/08
By don

Do punks in Italy sing to people in an another dimension?

All Girl Summer Fun Band, Explode Into Colors
Live in Portland by Sachiko Arakawa
By Guest Contributor

What do you call a keyboard you blow into?

An Evening with Melt-Banana and Doc Brown
by Max Puhala
By Guest Contributor

Ann Beretta, New Mexican Disaster Squad, Cruiser Weight
Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC, 10/04/03
By chris

They mostly seemed to jump on each other's back and one would ride the other piggy-back around the floor.

Annihilation Time, ANS, Sumerian Axe, and Broken Patterns
Photos Taken at The Blvd., Boyle Heights, California, 1/26/09
By don

So far behind on working on photos that the club doesn’t even look the same anymore.

Annihilation Time, Broken Needle, and Napalm Meth
Photos Taken at the Red Cove, Ventura, California, 6/29/07
By don

I think 7 bands played.  But I only saw 3.  Beer is a big distraction sometimes.

Appalachian Terror Unit, Wartorn, Against Empire, and The Fucking Wrath
Photos Taken at the Cobalt Café, Canoga Park, California, 8/27/08
By don

This Appalachian band sure didn't have any banjos or fiddles.

Art Bergmann, Ben Disaster, A Bunch of Marys
Live at The Pawn Shop, Edmonton, AB, Canada, November 29, 2013
By Caitlin Hoffman

Articles Of Faith, Oct. 8th, 2010 at the Metro, Chicago, IL
By Tim Jamison
By Guest Contributor

From the first note that rang out, I was totally and completely elated. I realized half way through the set that my face hurt from smiling so much.

-Born_thumb.jpg" />

Artimus Pyle, Dudefuckinhellyeah!, Natural Disaster, and Harpoon Guns
Photos Taken at the Long Beach Warehouse, California, 4/5/06
By don

A closed mouth is already dead.

Asshole Parade
Photos Taken at the Workmen's Circle, Los Angeles, California, 8/28/06
By don

No buttholes were displayed or seen by those in attendance.

Asymmetric Warfare campfire show near Steamboat Island, WA
Rural noise complaints.
By Guest Contributor

Autistic Youth and Defect Defect
Photos Taken at the Mala Sangre House, El Monte, California, 11/25/08
By don

Yikes! We’re in someone’s living room!

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