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RAZORCAKE is the first and only official non-profit DIY punk rock fanzine in America primarily dedicated to supporting independent music culture.

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Stop Right There Buddy!
Do Yourself (and Us) a Favor and Head Over to Our New Website
By Staff

You can find our new site right here--

There's a lot of interesting and useful content that will be preserved on this site.
But for new postings and anything in the webstore, head over to the new site.


Featured DVD reviews from Issues 92 and 93
The Dicks from Texas
By Staff

Chose your own adventure. “Double Dicked” or “Get Dicked, kids. Get Dicked.”
Either way, you win.

The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 7)
Taking shots of those who turn their backs on me throughout NYC
By Adel Souto

The idea behind the kutte has always held a certain mystical air for me.
Pastiche, yet each one unique—all of them carrying your likes,
your loves, your beliefs, or your art on your back.

#418 with Griffin Wynne
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Aloe vera for sunburns left by the male gaze.

Razorcake Issue #43 from 2008, Featuring Reigning Sound
Los Illegals, Edward Colver, Los Illegals, Bomp! Records
By Staff

…And Weird Al. Yep. Weird Al? Yes, that Weird Al.

Webcomic Wednesdays #187
How to talk to a (butt) rockstar
By Rosie Gonce

Advice on how to talk to a rockstar. A webcomic by Rosie Gonce.

Featured Record Reviews Issue #93
Taxpayers, Bill Bondsmen, DFMK, Lenguas Largas, Spokenest
By Staff

Glory be The Taxpayers, who have, for what ever reason, added a heavy pop-rock (ala Huey Lewis) element to their already unique sound. And somehow, despite all inherent logic: come out on top of it all. –Daryl, TAXPAYERS, THE: Big Delusion Factory

The Backpatches of NYC (Collection 6) adelsouto.com
Taking shots of those who turn their backs on me throughout New York City
By Adel Souto

If you visit NYC for a punk show, and see a guy with a camera looking around nervously before the doors open, say “Hi!”—or just show me the back of your jacket.

Patrick Houdek Photo Column - Lipstick Homicide
By Patrick Houdek

This shot’s a keeper.

#417 with Kurt Morris
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Some family members can be a pain in the ass, but these tunes with family titles in the song titles are not. In fact, they’re awesome.

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