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Below are some recently posted reviews.

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Situationist Comedy: CD
BOOOOOM! That’s the exact sound my friggin’ head made the moment all the instruments kicked in on this, my favorite album for the week. I’ve always been a little cynical when it came to this band, primarily because all of my fellow Razorcakers are so hot on Dillinger jock and I like ribbin’ ’em for it, but, truth be known, I’ve secretly admired this band for their ability to add a little pop to their core and vice-versa and not sound like all the other shit bands that fail so miserably at the same formula. They’re so good at it, in fact, that the resulting music is not hardcore, is not pop, but rather one damn fine slab o’ tuneage that transcends the punk rock pigeonholes people will inevitably try to shove them into. Forget the powerful performances and obvious work these guys put into this album. Pay no mind to the substantive lyrics they’ve managed to muster. Fuck the fact that this might be the best release I’ve personally ever heard on Fat. That’s all true, of course, but the simple fact is that this mutherfugger flat-out ROCKS, baby, and that’s all a listener can hope for. Everything else is just icing. –jimmy (Fat)

Drive-By Kiss Off: CD
Tough girl punk rock, heavy on attitude. The songs on this full-length live up to the promise of their single, which means that the tunes are rockin’, catchy, and decidedly not wimpy. –jimmy (Fork In Hand)

Isso Fica Por Sua Conta: 7"
I noticed that some bands in Japan, like Tomorrow and Corrupted, are not singing in Japanese or English but Finnish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Since the bands I have heard previously did that, I was expecting something more on the line of fast punk, crust, metal, or sludge from this band. I figured since this is the same label that put out the first 9 Shocks Terror LP a few years back, that was what I was going to hear. I was completely wrong. These guys are very melodic with background vocals that are harmonic but don’t detract from the energy. The songs are infectiously catchy and sound like they are having fun. It may sound weird, but this has the feel of the Monkees playing punk; a combination of the best elements of street punk and melodicore mixed together. I’m not one of many languages, so I don’t know if this band sings in Portuguese, Italian, or Spanish. But, for sure, it’s not Japanese. A sure surprise that hasn’t strayed far from my turntable since I received this. –don (Devour)

Durty Bunny: CD
Formerly known as the Cheryl Cro(w) Mags, and stepping down from the moniker due, not to litigation from the strumming Lilith Fair-y, this band avoided a potential ass-beating by the recently re-formed Harley and crew (Cro Mags) when they played NYC. Well, what can I say but I'm fucking impressed. I'm predisposed to like it. Say Radon (not the shit that gives you lung cancer, but the Gainesville band that had the dude that draws Milk and Cheese design an early 7" cover) and Hot Water Music and my ears will perk. I'll tell you a secret. If you have great guitarists and bassist and a so-so drummer, the band will sound okay, regardless, but if you have a fantastic drummer, which Bill Clower is, the music just propels – it's meatier, thicker, screamier. And that's exactly what the Crows are: an ass-beating. When it's fast, it's a town riot. When it's quiet, it's a quiet, but effective ass-beating. When there's harmonica, it's an ass beating with a wind instrument. You get my point. Strangely, they remind me of early west coast punk mixed with a Midwest work ethic, and although they don't have the broken angularity of Black Flag, they have that no-nonsense, non-thuggie, creative toughness about them, even when they're joking around (Black Flag had "TV Party," Crows have "Durty Bunny"). In other words, it's catchy, but they both create music not by a simple formula, but by instensity and directness with an ear for a imbedded hooks. Very much recommended. –todd (Crows)

Dirty Head: CD
Here’s a mindfuck for you: Suicide and Sonic Youth join the Electric Eels in some really ugly '60s pop worship. Although I’ve got seven more discs to review in this batch, I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be the best new CD I hear all week –jimmy (Dirtnap)

Forensics Brothers and Sisters!: CD
I don’t know what to make of this. It reminds me of At the Drive-In, but not as good or inventive. –don (Revelation)

Self-titled: CD
Holy sheep shit, it's a new Channel 3 disc and, wonder of wonders, it doesn't suck in the slightest! Excuse me if I sound a little shocked, but, taking into account the "reformed punk band/suckass tunes" ratio that has pretty much been the rule rather than the exception, this disc has no business being as good as it is. What you get for your buck here is an album that quite nearly erases any embarrassing mistakes these guys may have made in the "big hair and Aquanet-induced brain damage" days of the '80s. I say almost because the "hidden track" here sounds like a Poison outtake, and I hope it was a joke on their part. Aside from this little faux pas, every track on this bad boy is a veritable instant "hit," a classic if you will, of epic proportions. Sound-wise, this sounds like the long-lost album that was never recorded after After the Lights Go Out, the road not taken all those years ago that they've decided they'd like to saunter down after all. I've gotta admit, I was a little apprehensive about these guys showing their mugs again after hearing they were peddling that "reforming to show the young 'uns how real punk is done" horseshit like Exene and a couple of other has-been glory hogs, but these thirteen tracks of auditory bliss force me to keep my tongue at bay because, unlike X and their even-more-dismal-with-each-release track record, these guys have got the tunes to back their boasts. So recommended it ain't funny.


–jimmy (Dr. Strange)

The Great Cyclops and Other Tales Rendered: CD
Alt-country. Try as I may, that’s about the most positive thing I can say about this. –jimmy (http://www.mockbrawn.com/1000)

Saturday’s Heroes: CD
Captain Oi gives the Business’s second album the digipak treatment. Sound-wise, nothing’s much changed, meaning the “big” sound is still intact. Musically, this is not as immediately satisfying an album as Suburban Rebels, although it does grow on you after a bit and there are some classics to be found here, including “Spanish Jails,” “Hurry Up Harry” and a re-recorded “Drinking and Driving.” –jimmy (Captain Oi)

All the Colors of Darkness: CD
Guys who haven’t moved in time past when they first heard Metallica’s first album Kill `Em All. –don (Go Kart)

Mad As Fuck: CDEP
Starts off sounding like the American equivalent of Broken Bones and veers midway into Turbonegro country. Not bad as a whole. –jimmy (Magilla Guerrilla)

BYO Split Series, Vol. 4: CD

The Bouncing Souls haven’t covered any new ground in years. They’re not a bad band, per se, but every time I hear them, I think of the rumor I once heard about them starting out as a Doors cover band. I don’t know if that rumor is true or not, but the mere fact that it’s plausible speaks volumes. Anti-Flag doesn’t really cover any new ground here, either, but I don’t mind that so much with Anti-Flag. Their lyrics are solid, their melodies are infectious, and they come across with a lot of speed and energy. So I find myself listening to the second half of this split a lot. And the big surprise: Anti-Flag not only covers the Buzzcocks’ “Ever Fallen in Love,” but they also pull it off.

–sean (BYO)

Amped the Fuck Up: CD
Having a hard time with this one here…. See, I really dig the tracks that come from the seven-inch EP from which this was expanded, and I like the added studio tracks as well, but the live stuff, well, is just harshing the whole experience. I’ve listened to this disc no less that twelve times in the last two weeks and I’ve always ended up either turning the volume down or just ejecting the whole motherfuckin’ thang midway through, which can’t be a good thing. I know they probably put it on there as a sort of bonus for the buyer, but the live stuff is just blowing the whole gig. My suggestion is to either buy a copy of the original EP if it’s still available or wait ’til a new full length is available. –jimmy (Sickroom)

Treasure Trove of Trash: CD
Okay, Sean. You know how to get my attention. Who else are you going to send a CD that is absolutely covered with porn. Not just your regular “high dollar” porn, but porn with trashy girls in gang bangs, BDSM, facials, pissing, anal fisting, squirting orgasms, and a guy taking a dump in a girl’s mouth, all right there on the cover. So, with expectations really high at this point, I popped in the CD. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t meet them. Very dull, southern style rock’n’roll. It actually sounds like most of the stuff I would hear on the jukeboxes in the redneck bars in Florida with one slight exception: the lyrics. For example, song titles include “Too Much Porn,” “Smut Peddler,” “Big Muff Earth Mama” and “Gorilla Crotch.” Here is a little of what Bootleg Bill has to offer: “Gonna poke your hole until you’re dead/Gonna slow fuck your face until it’s red” and “Hardcore porn has served me well/I’m gonna shit on your face, please enjoy the smell.” I bet this guys gets all the chicks with lines like that. –toby (Scarey)

Ruling Class: 7"
This is what I know. I've been reading a lot of these guys in Bay area zines as of late. A lot of hype is out there. A friend told me their crowds are very loyal but violent. I’ve known the singer Jim for a very long time, probably coming on fifteen to twenty years. He’s one of the long-standing punk friends I have, a tried and true crust punk for life. The only thing that surprises me is that it took him so long to get a band together. We spent many a night drinking as he yelled along to Chaos UK, UK Subs, Disorder, Exploited, Discharge or many bands of the day from the UK. Since I have fallen out of touch with Jim, him living in the bay area and I in LA, I felt compelled to sample his new band and first release with excitement. Pet peeve time here. I hate when bands don’t include an insert. I can’t always tell where a band comes from without some additional information. If the label can afford to print the cover, why not xerox some lyric sheets or include an insert? Starting with the cover art, it is very Crass influenced. That is very Jim, in my opinion. Easily recognizable as a punk release. Musically, they come off as more of a Swedish D-beat thing that is metallic in a crust kind of way. The east coast straight edge metal parts did surprise me. The vocals are so guttural, they seem to burn the inner lining of the throat. Background vocals are screamed to accentuate the point. Drums and bass follow along in the mayhem that they create. Still wish I had a lyric sheet though. Can’t tell if the lyrics are intelligent or cutter –don (Disintegration)

Mas Chingon: CD
After waiting months for this full length to be finalized and pressed, I finally got what I was waiting for all along – the thunder that defines Blazing Haley: seminal rock and roll guitar that's not afraid to get loud; galloping standup bass that's so wonderfully thick live, you could cut it with a straight razor; manic, all-over-the-place drumming, making you wonder if Gene Krupa hit the crack pipe years back; and a singer who can wail it out with the best of 'em, still making it hard for me to believe that he's only been belting it out for only five years. Talent here, and lots fucking of it. Ten songs that call to mind '50s teenage lust, like "Trailer Park Annie," "Date with Ivy," and the party-rocking "They Get Bad Fast." They even recorded their version of Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath" as a bonus track, and I'd like to add that they've been playing it long before the instant adoration of Ozzy/Ozfest/The Osbournes became so recently fashionable. It's unfortunate that Blazing Haley sometimes gets lumped into the "rockabilly" category, aka The Fonzie Dung Heap, because BH have got one hell of an outfit happening amongst their peers, usually leaving them buried in the dust after just one of their tried and true live gigs. It's also really unfortunate that no record labels have taken the opportunity to get up off their assses and done something with Blazing Haley. I mean, fuck, at least talk with this band, fer chrissakes! What more do you need? A fucking engraved invitation? This disc kills the competition of what's considered "hot" for Top 40 standards. But, then again, fuck Top 40. This is rock and roll. This is Blazing Haley. (david@blazinghaley.com">david@blazinghaley.com) –dale (Rode To Ruin)

The John Peel Sessions: CD
Quite possibly one of the greatest bands ever? The latest in a collection of reissues and so forth for one of the most influential bands in punk. The complete Peel Sessions – the original only featured a selection of tracks – this CD features sixteen tracks of pure, raw, hellish heaven. From their infamous cover of "Loose" by The Stooges, to the kitschy "Rowland Around in That Stuff," to classic BP tracks that bring out that inner sick and twisted evil, such as "Six Inch Gold Blade" and "Sonny's Burning," to the silly gothic drama of "Release The Bats," and a personal favorite, "Deep In The Woods." This, aside from the compilation Hits, is probably the best introduction to the Birthday Party. The Birthday Party spawned such acts as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and Rowland S. Howard's own solo work, among other countless projects. Horrific, sexy, destructive and confusing, The Birthday Party takes on so many roles of so many things we all want to achieve and accomplish artistically. Fancy meeting God? –Sarah Stierch –Guest Contributor (Strange Fruit)

More Like a Gunshot Than a Car Wreck: CD
Think early '90s Therapy without the major label production values. No, that isn’t a compliment. –jimmy (Berserker)

Call and Response: CD
Within a week of moving across the country to California, some friends suggested going to see Toys that Kill play with Bangs in a town about four hours away. No job, no home, and no plans, I thought it was a great idea. To make a long story short, we spent about eighty bucks on gas, had to hitchhike after we ran out, and drive about eight hours one way to get there. Late. Toys that Kill had played all but three songs of their set, so I was pretty pissed. After some performance art (not helping my mood) Bangs took the stage. Two ladies and a guy on drums who are not afraid to rock. They blew me away, even in my salty mood. By the second song, I was up front bopping and dancing my day away. I never picked anything up. I was stupid. This album kicks so hard from the start, slowing for “Kinda Good,” then picking right back up. Their alternating vocals are so, well, true. They don’t sound like they’re trying to be anything, which is a little too common lately. The music is catchy as hell and the lyrics balance smooth and sweet with hollers that make you want to yell along. My only complaint is that it’s only six songs long. –megan (Kill Rock Stars)

Northern Hospitality: 4 Song-CDEP

The Arrivals are, without question, my favorite band that I’ve heard in the past year and a half, if not longer. You probably have no idea who they are. You’re not alone. In that time I’ve met two people who have heard them. Two. I was just lucky enough to have someone play them for me after playing with them in Chicago. I was extremely nervous about listening to Northern Hospitality, since to say their full length, Goodbye, New World has been in more than heavy rotation would be so much more than an understatement. I should’ve known better. It kicks my ass for a good solid eight minutes and I keep going back for more. They actually pull off being a band, in the manner that they feed off of one another. Each member is integral to what they create, and what they create is some of the best music out there. Live, you can see how they play off one another, whether it’s their own material or a Van Halen cover thrown in for fun (Say what you will, Van Halen is hard to play!) The lyrics (when you can fully decipher what’s being said) are both intelligent and written to work perfectly with Isaac and Dave’s cadence, but the balance between vocals and music is done so well that the vocals become just another instrument in the equation. “Hearts in the Right Places” is a bittersweet love song done acoustic, but somehow it’s still rough. Two of the tracks will be on their next release, Songs in the Key of Obligation, which hopefully frees them from Thick so they can get a label who knows how to promote them even just little. Get your hands on anything you can find by these guys. Your life will be better for it, well at least your record collection.

–megan (Thick)

self-titled: 4-CD box set
One decade. 125 tracks (including covers of Roy Orbison, Bikini Kill, Kraut and Nip Drivers; radio appearances; and live sets). Only 250 of these box sets were made by the band, complete with a thick booklet that reads like a story, covering the ups and downs and detailing each recording session or where the tracks were culled from. If you've never heard of Apocalypse Hoboken, don't worry. You're in good company. They went on largely ignored, especially on the west coast, where I had the privilege to see them, eight or so years into them being a band, to an audience of three. Chicago-based, starting roughly in 1990, and eventually blipping on the national radar as the oddest signing Kung Fu Records had ever made (due to the fact that they're neither dumb as posts, sappier than an orchard of maple syrup trees, or peddling hair-gel emo to pre-teens), they're a true headscratcher of a band, taking their cues from classic punk rock, straining it into other arenas that weren't quite indie rock, that weren't quite experimental… well, that weren't quite right. I say that with the highest praise possible. They never fit, but they made great music the entire life of the band. It's spastic, irreverent, and generous in their intentional fucking with audience expectation and pushing their own envelope as far as possible. (For starters, they had a double seven inch called Daterape Nation, a song called "The Devil Has a Pussy.") I wouldn't be so bold to compare them to Flipper – AH always had a solid, very rock-based instrumentation amid the chaos to keep the beatings nice – but they weren't strangers to pissing humorless people off. If you've never heard the band and you're in your local record store and see AH's House of the Rising Son of a Bitch, Microstars, or Inverse, Reverse, Perverse (the three easiest to find) I suggest you pick it up. If you're already a fan, email 'em soon. I'm not sure how long these boxes are going to last. I'm floored by mine. This is DIY done right. I'm still bummed they broke up –todd (Apocalypse Hoboken)

Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud Pa Film: 7"

I missed them when they came through town while they were touring the states. I forgot what the reason was, but I do regret it. I hate to miss the international bands when they work so hard to come here. I heard good things about the show and wished I was there. Well, these Danish maniacs have released their second EP, which is every bit as good as their first. Old school, in the Circle Jerks meets Black Flag kind of way. Everything about the packaging and music would lead you to believe that this was a long lost record from the ‘80s. Not many bands trying to claim old school pull it off. These guys perfect it and truly make this old guy crack a tear, an accomplishment that is not easy to achieve. It’s amazing to me the rawness and the energy these guys put forth. I know that I’m not the only one out there raving about this. Taking something that is old and making it relevant today is something to cheer for. Their records are going to stand the test of time. A big thumbs up to Felix Havoc for releasing this in the US.

–don (Havoc)

Bitches and Stitches: CD
Mid-tempo punk with a lot of Go-Gos in it, although I’m not quite sure it’s intentional. This’ll get played more than once. –jimmy (www.xcommunicated.biz)

split: CD
This split features a couple of HC bands that come from the brutal side of town musically and vocally. The first band is Allergic to Whores from Ohio. These guys spit out some rippin’ hardcore that relies heavily on distortion and dirge. Some of the songs thrash it up, making them sound like a cross between United Mutation and Antischism. When they slow it down they come off similar to a few of the mid ‘90s Ebullition bands. The vocals are traded off between the guitarist and drummer with one of the singers sounding like Martin from Los Crudos/Limpwrist. Overall, they’re pretty damn good, but there's no lyric sheet, so I’m left wondering where the hell they’re coming from. The band name alone confuses me. Allergic to Whores? Huh?!? The other band on this split is McCarthy Commission out of Pittsburgh. They follow suit with more abrasive HC. However, they fall into a more simplistic, if not crude, reign, making them not quite as interesting as ATW. Stick to the Allergic to Whores songs on this CD. –Mike Dunn –Guest Contributor (Rodent Popsicle)

split: CD
Allergic: Heard these guys had somehow softened up and got all poopy poppy ’n shit. If they have, it ain’t apparent from this disc, ’cause what I got comin’ outta my speakers right now is some pretty brutal hardcore. There is considerably more “metal” in the guitars than I remember there previously being, but it ain’t all that annoying. Final verdict is that I still dig ’em. McCarthy: A little more run-of-the-mill in sound than Allergic to Whores, but that’s more like saying the Rezillos are kinda run-of-the-mill in comparison to Teenage Jesus, meaning it ain’t meant as an insult. Loud, fast hardcore with occasional dual vocal stylings and a socially conscious bent to their lyrics. My only gripe is that there was just a wee bit too much metal to the guitars, which effectively led them to being dropped from my favorite band of the week contest. –jimmy (Rodent Popsicle)

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