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Razorcake Podcast #229
With Russ Van Cleave

By Staff
Friday, September 14 2012

I’ve been a little burnt out lately, but I’m getting back into things with a new setup. So I decided to sit in front on my music collection for a couple nights and just pick some songs. This podcast and the next one are what came out of that. Most of it is probably old or obscure, but that’s just the way things go I suppose.

–Russ Van Cleave

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1) Mutoid Men, “Orbit” from Mutoid World (Rumbletowne Records)
2) Carl Perkins, “Sure To Fall” from Original Sun Greatest Hits (Rhino Records)
3) Common Rider, “True Rulers” from Last Wave Rockers (Panic Button Records)
4) Vagrants, “Berthe” from Can Of Pork (Lookout! Records)
5) Gateway District, “Highway Song” from Some Days You Get The Thunder (It's Alive Records)
6) Bill Moss, “Number One” from Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label (Numero Group)
7) Good Luck, “Contact” from Without Hesitation (No Idea Records)
8) Tony Wain & The Payne, “Old Sunshine” from Don't Worry About Anything Ever (Family Night Records)
9) The Cure, “Close To Me” from Mixed Up
10) The Brokedowns, “Celebrity Death Panel” from Species Bender (Red Scare Records)
11) Angelic Upstarts, “Last Night Another Soldier” from 2,000,000 Voices (EMI Records)
12) Impact All Stars, “Last Of The Jestering” from Dub Reggae Essentials (Hip-O Records)
13) The Velvet Underground, “Who Loves The Sun” from Loaded
14) The Tremeloes, “Here Comes My Baby” from Here Comes My Baby
15 Joe Newman, “Until The Real Thing Comes Along” from Atlantic Jazz: Kansas City

Extra Notes:

The Mutoid Men didn’t play the show I saw, but I think one of the guys from RVIVR is in the band or was roadie-ing for them or something. I don’t know. Somebody else can set me straight. Regardless, this is a good, good record.

Jay Perkins is Carl’s brother. Gotta love them sibling harmonies.

Common Rider was sort of an all-star super group (look ‘em up.) I thought this was one of their better songs. Been listening to this lately and thought I would throw this track down.

Vagrants is one of those East Bay bands I just don’t much about. I think they had one other Lookout! EP that I seem to recall is pretty good, but I don’t have it.

Gateway District is one of the best bands around right now in my humble opinion. They just put out another record last year which is also really good, but this song had to be played.

Bill Moss is another one of those guys that I never would have heard of had it not been for the Numero Group. They have yet to let me down.

This Good Luck record is one amazing piece of vinyl.

Tony Wain & The Payne are unlike many things I’ve heard, but familiar at the same time. Somehow they pull off that magic combination. I don’t know much of anything else about them. I think they’re from Asheville. Check out http://familynightrecords.com/ for more good stuff including recordings from the legendary Peter Stubb.

Yea…I know and I don’t care…I borrowed Mixed Up from my bother and glued it in my car tape player for most of 1992.

The Brokedowns! Some of Chicago’s finest…

Damn I love this song….my friend Shawn got me into these guys and I had a copy on the Angelic Upstarts “Kids On the Streets” somewhere at some point…when I found this LP at my new favorite record store, I got giddy…the lesson here is you should go to Microgroove if you have a few spare hours to kill while you’re in Tampa.

Some dub reggae that I know nothing about…

The Velvet Underground…I’m not gonna do your homework for you…

The Tremeloes…one of the greats of the British Invasion…

Joe Newman was a great singer and trumpeter that probably flies under most people’s radar nowadays when people talk jazz. He played and sang with the likes of Count Basie and Lionel Hampton. The eminent Coleman Hawkins actually plays on this song too. You can hear him on the solo.

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