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Panthro UK United 13 Interview Podcast
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By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting
Friday, March 20 2015

Matt, Replay, and Alex. Photo by Bill.

 Panthro UK United 13 Top Shelf Interview MP3

Getting Alex in the studio was easy. Trying to whittle down what to ask him about this monster of an album was the hard part. Thanks to Aaron Lay and Jersey Dave Cassidy for help in that department. This is the first album we’ve done here where I think we could go back again and get another good interview from the same record with the same three people in the room with all different questions.

One of the weirder times I saw Panthro play was opening for a re-formed punk band upstairs at Full Circle. They were both good. One was fake good, rehearsed; one shined great. Not to talk poorly of the headliner, but they were there for a paycheck. Panthro was there to explode. I’m sure Panthro enjoyed the larger-than-normal crowd that was brought in by a band that starts with a “V” and rhymes with “sandals.” I most certainly enjoyed them both, but Panthro passed the B.S. test that night. They always killed it at the Hardback. Always. Jersey Dave and I would actually choreograph high-fives to their live set. Laugh all you want. They were that good.

It was harder to be a band in the ‘90s. A four-piece would go play a show in four tiny cars, each one smelling like pizza or Chinese food, each loaded with now-laughable combo amps. Panthro had a van. They were one of the earlier bands from Gainesville to commit to touring. Along with LTJ and HWM, Panthro helped open up my brain to the possibility of that lifestyle being a valid option for a guy like me. They went out of town, played with bands. One time, Panthro even gave my band a ride to Savannah so we could play together. It was great watching them click as a unit. That night I learned volumes about how to roll on the road.

Panthro meant a great deal to a lot of people. I have chatted about Panthro a lot over the years. From conversations in Gainesville backyards to the guy in Europe who runs a label and called them his favorite band ever. Panthro seems to inspire a work ethic. Sound of a Gun is them getting the job done.

–Replay Dave

LISTEN HERE: Panthro UK United 13 Top Shelf Interview MP3

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