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The Musical Spectrum from Tony Basil to Crime
An Interview with Bruce Conner
By Guest Contributor

Bruce: Over the years, I've gotten used to paying people to look at my work.

Pissing Off Psychobilly Fans Everywhere
An Interview with the Riverboat Gamblers
By todd

Mike: I've got six adult children giving me constant streams of useless information; six of 'em coming up to me and telling me, "Hey, we've got more milk!" "Hey, I've got a book about Elvis!"

Protests and Theremins
An Interview with Intro5pect
By Staff

Dave: Actually, the first thing I ever heard that I thought was perfect in this way was a 2 Live Crew tape my friend had. We were like seven or something and everybody else was freaking out about the words they was saying, while meanwhile I was just blown away by the fact that they had this awesome guitar riff that they had sampled and then added hip-hop beats to.

Interview with Against Me!
Monkey Knife Fights and Buckling Floor Beams
By todd

James: We had this giant fiberglass chicken in our living room for a long, long time.
Todd: Why did you have a giant fiberglass chicken?
Thomas: Why wouldn't you?

Shameless Gorsky Press Plug!
A World Wide Interweb Link to an Interview with Ben Snakepit
By Staff

NFT: Does it bug you when people call your drawing "sloppy?"
Ben: Mmm, I think most people are right. My drawings are pretty sloppy sometimes, but they're kinda supposed to be. Kinda like how Greg Ginn's guitar playing in Black Flag was sloppy, but that's what made it sound so good.

Discussing the Homoerotic Tendencies of Washed-up Rockers
An Interview with the Knockout Pills
By todd

Travis: So, this girl I used to go out with, Kelly, this real nice southern belle girl in high school moved here from Louisiana. I broke up with her because Bob, the guy I was doing acid with, he was doin' her the same time I was and it wasn't really cool.
Todd: Literally, the same time?

Basement Parties in Wisconsin
An Interview with the Figgs
By Guest Contributor

Mike Gent: When I listen to a record or see a band, I want to be entertained, not preached to. Unless it's Al Green.

Man, Who DOESN'T Love Old Lady Porn?
An Interview with the Orphans
By todd

Wade: And I didn't go home with that girl.
Jenny: She was a man, Wade. She had a penis. She had a package.
Wade: She was not a guy. You guys didn't want me to go home with her. I'm sure she had drugs at that house.

Somebody Still Remembers Rick Springfield
An Interview with Chaz Halo by Brian Mosher
By Guest Contributor

Chaz: Captain Kirk. Young Captain Kirk. He made out with green gals and had rockabilly hair and wore a cool yellow shirt.

To Hell with Research and Planning!
A Brief, Spontaneous, Pointless Interview with the Ends
By norb

Want to see a teaser of sorts for the Ends interview that will appear in the next Razorcake? Click on the little red word that says "more."

Protecting Beer at Any Cost
An Interview with Broken Bottles
By todd

Jes: I had a backpack with four 40s on me, skating straight down a hill and I hit an acorn. It went ooowwahh, and my face just fuckin' grinds against the sidewalk. It was the most beautiful thing. And people just drove by and laughed.
Todd: Did you save the 40s?
Jes: Yeah. They didn't break.
Todd: You've got good instincts.

Rubbing Barbecue Sauce on Your Testicles
An Interview with the Lipstick Pickups
By Guest Contributor

Tracy: You fell in the fish guts and no one wanted to ride with you...
Vanessa: Yeah, and then I had to go into a Chili's restaurant to change and everyone was staring at me all weird 'cause I walked in soaking wet with a bag of clothes and then walked back out again!

Delivering Babies During a Blizzard in Colorado
An Interview with the Starvations
By todd

Jean-Paul: Music becomes a person. You can hate them or you can like them. Maybe it's your lover, but if you develop a good relationship with that person, then you need them around. There's this weird chemical attachment to it and music's the same way. You become that way with your instrument.

An Interview with Javier of the Zeros
By Mike Frame
By Guest Contributor

Javier: Those new wave nights were so funny because there would be these bands that were just so weird. There was a band called Juice, with a guy who had really, really long hair like he was in Black Oak Arkansas or something.

British Hepatitis-core!
An Interview with the Restarts
By Guest Contributor

Kieran: Punk represents a lot of different things to a lot of people. From its inception, punk was up for grabs, so people took their little piece of it and created their own offshoot or scene. That's why punk as a general term can represent such polar opposites as GG Allin and Crass, or Beerzone and Harum Scarum.

Strike Anywhere: The Evolution of Punk Rock Angst
An Interview by Greg Barbera
By Guest Contributor

Thomas:In Richmond, there's so much ruin and decay right along the river; right along where the slave auction blocks were, these haunting reminders of this incredible history that public school education doesn't cover very well.

Naming Skate Tricks After Olympic Divers
An Interview with the Arrivals
By todd

Todd: Have you ever found your hand in a toilet?
Little Dave: The last would be when I was smoking hitters at work in the bathroom, dropped my hitter in the toilet and had to pull it out.

A Fireside Chat with Gay Norwegian Sailors
An Interview with Turbonegro by Rex Reason
By Guest Contributor

Rex: So you do admit that there are heterosexuals in Turbonegro?
Hank: There are some closet heterosexuals.
Tom: Periodically.

The Skulls
Old Dudes: They Don't Always Suck
By todd

Todd: Here's a hypothetical question. What do the Skulls have in common with Michael Jackson?
Kevin: I slept at The Ranch when I was thirteen.

An Interview with DRI
Twenty Years of Violent Pacification
By chris

"We're punk in the same way Thoreau was punk." -Kurt

The Scaries
"I did not answer this question well."
By chris

"Mike's son is my girlfriend, so that makes things easier."

The Japanese Noodle Samurai Punk Band: Interview by Heela
By Guest Contributor

Heela: Okay, good. Where or who is the best Peelander audience?

Kengo: We cannot find in the ass. We cannot find on the ass... Explain is very difficult, right?

Interview with Paddy of Dillinger Four
I Didn't Necessarily Fuck My Shoe
By todd

Paddy: On top of that, there are a lot of important hot dogs to eat and video games to play, when you get down to it.

Alkaline Trio
Two Lazy Guys and a Drunk
By todd

People in the middle of wherever who don't have the first clue about anything in underground music, would ask, "What's the name of your rock band?" We would tell them, "Alkaline Trio," and they'd be like, "What type of fucked-up faggot shit is that?"

The Epoxies
Razorblade Slashes and Android Vaseline Kisses
By todd

FM: Poison humans. Fuck robots.

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