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Interview with Derek Lyn Plastic
By Steven Blevins
By Guest Contributor

Most Derek Lyn Plastic songs are pretty negative they deal mainly with drugs, people owing me money, sex, and a suicide dance number.

Interview with Rob Wright of Nomeansno: On Fire with Mr. Wrong
Article by Allan MacInnis
By Guest Contributor

"All the people who used to yell at us for not doing short punk rock songs… now all the other half of the audience is gonna yell at us for not putting out ‘Bitches Brew 2.'"

Interview with Fly: Portrait Of The Artist As A Fly
by Anastasia Friscia
By Guest Contributor

 “Well, that’s a loaded question!” This is how Fly responds when I ask if she’d ever wanted to give up the squatter lifestyle.

Interview with Fortune's Flesh
Like the Shangri-las Meets the Misfits
By ryan

  • Gabe: Yeah, Dave’s all: “The stage looks like a riot at the recycling center!” [laughs]
  • Ian: Did you see all the glass on the stage?
  • Ryan: Yeah!

Extras from the George Hurchalla Interview
#32 Was Busting at the Seams. We Couldn't Fit It All.
By jimmy

I learned long ago some important things about the political spectrum. It’s a circle, not a line.

Extras from Interview With Pine Hill Haints
Tidbits That Didn't Make Issue #32
By Adrian Salas

The devil drives that train...

Interview with The Nazi Dogs
I Did Regret the Fact That I Accidentally Snorted Some Speed Before the Show...
By Adrian Salas

It seems like people finally realize that fuckin’ punk has got nothin’ to do with leading a peaceful, politically correct life. We’re no stupid missionaries, right?

Interview with The Bomb
Seventeen-Year-Old Kids and Forty-Year-Old Punks at the Same Show
By koepenick

  • Sean: What activities do you like to do for fun outside of music?
  • Jeff P: I like to screw.
  • Jeff D: I still love to skateboard and hang out with my wife. Does that make me lame?

Interview with The DC Snipers
by Eric Holgren
By Guest Contributor

Chris: See, that’s what I love about racism...wait, WHAT? I forgot what we were talking about.

Interview with Unnatural Axe
The Boys Can Still Bring the Rock
By Adrian Salas

I also had an inordinate amount of anger back then, mixed with substance abuse, so there was plenty of fuel for the fire.

...But This Time a Little More Dirty
An Interview with Rocket
By brian

Brian: What's it gonna take to get some of you to tour on the East Coast?
Lauren: Hopefully we'll make it out to the east coast this year... we need to visit our missing Lauren.

Punk Like Him: Terry Graham of the Gun Club
An Interview by Ryan Leach
By Guest Contributor

Terry: I was in a rock group for two hours when I was twelve years old. We did “Gloria.”

Pooping on Chickens and Watching Old Lady Porn
An Interview with The Intelligence
By erika

Robert: Damn, that crackhead looked good in orange!

Stiv's Drinking Buddy
An Interview with Mach 5
By brian

Jimmy: This band is one of the best, most fun bands I have ever been in, and at forty, being happy playing is key. 'Cause we all know it's a great hobby, not a job.

Gratuitous Self-Promotion!
An Interview with Ben Snakepit
By Guest Contributor

Ben: I do the dumbest shit in the world, like a day when I've woken up and I've shit my pants from taking Xanax or something. I wake up and I'm like, "God. What the fuck?" and you're like, "You know what? You're not important. You're a dude that gets wasted and shits his pants."

Bustin' Fuckin' Loose
An Interview with Billy Reese Peters
By todd

Aaron: Blind and naked in the middle of Croatia was one of the worst things that’s ever happened to me.

Do Something
An Interview with Tim Kerr
By todd

Tim: I think one of the main things you learn, if you're aware of it when you get older, is that there's a whole lot more of them than us. So when you meet all these different people, hug 'em, celebrate 'em because there ain't a lot.

Tetanus Shots on Tour
An Interview with Tractor Sex Fatality by Adam Frederick
By Guest Contributor

I learned it's hard to break pint glasses off yer head. Not like in the movies.

An Interview with Punk Rock Cartoonist Brian Walsby by Greg Barbera
By Guest Contributor

Greg: How did you hook up with 7 Seconds and end up doing the cover art for them?
Brian:I band-slutted my way into that one. Basically I just gave them all blowjobs until they relented. The rest is history.

They're a Collective Badass
An Interview with Russ from the Tim Version
By todd

Russ: The ability that somebody has to translate their feelings to music, it's art. That's why there's a difference between a flower that Van Gogh or Monet painted and the flower that's hanging in the hotel lobby at the Radisson. There was something that was put into it aside from paint on a canvas.

Just Gluing Shit Together
An Interview with the Tyrades
By todd

Frankie: We could be worse. We could be Cocknoose.
Jim: You're going to get us fucking killed, Frank! We're not strong people!

Holy Shit! Somebody Actually Remembers PM Dawn!
An Interview with MC Chris of Adult Swim
By Denise

Denise: Where do you see yourself in twenty years?
MC Chris: I'll have some robots. I'll probably make those robots fight.

Adults of the Black Hole
An Interview with Steve Soto of the Adolescents by Janelle Jones
By Guest Contributor

Steve: I don't wanna sound like the guy that goes, "We walked two miles to school uphill in the snow," but I would come out after school to ride my bike home and it happened a couple times, people slashing my bike tires and beating me up.

The Girl with the Camera Eye
An Interview with Photographer Jenny Lens
By kat

Kat: At what point did you have an idea that something special was going on?
Jenny: November or December, 1975, when I put Patti Smith's Horses on my turntable and heard "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine, they belong to me." That was it. No turning back.

Yoda Says You Can't Play Here
An Interview with Almighty Do Me a Favor
By todd

Bradley: Booze and skateboards at three in the morning sometimes don't mix.

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