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Interview with Red City Radio
By Tyler Sonic
By Guest Contributor

One guy showed up at the end and showed us all his nuts. You guys remember that? He just asked, “You wanna see my nuts?” Then he pulled his nuts out.

Interview with Brian Peterson: Author of Burning Fight

By Matt Average

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about hardcore is that it’s a scene of people—mostly kids—who are struggling to find their place in the world. They are going to fuck up, say outrageous things, piss each other off. It’s a given. We’re all imperfect. Personal introspection and evolution can be a painful process, but, overall, growth is positive.

Interview with Monster Pussy
There’s never been a mosh pit at our shows.
By Billups Allen

Steve: Stripped down. The sun washed everything out. I feel like our songs are monochromatic. They are a little bleached out and crunchy. To me, it is what the desert sounds like.

Interview with The Defenders
By Justin Maurer
By Guest Contributor

In the ‘80s, bands weren’t really singing about nuclear proliferation. I’m not really sure if our audiences got our message, but everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Interview with No Idea
Celebrating their 25th birthday.
By todd

Necessity is the mother of invention... or at least the midwife of DIY. We simply had no choice but to dig in and make the attempt. No one was going to do it for us.

Interview with Babyshaker
Charlotte, NC's pissed off party band.
By chris

We kept getting told how much we sucked by critics but we kept getting asked to play all this rad shit.

Interview with German Hardcore-Skate-Thrashers Scheisse Minnelli
By Jan Röhlk
By Guest Contributor

When I awoke after the surgery, my first question was, “Do I still got my boys”?

Interview with The Leftovers
By Tyler Sonic
By Guest Contributor

We’ve always loved the classical sense of a standard ‘60s pop tune and trying to make a punk rock song a true rock’n’roll song.

Interview with No Friends
I’m personally never too busy to rock.
By Dave Williams

I don’t really care who comes to our shows as long as they don’t beat me up because we’re not metal enough for ‘em.

Interview with Killed By The Bull
By Joe Allocco
By Guest Contributor

Joe: As an older “punk kid,” what keeps you here?
Justin: I will always be here.

Interview with Franz Nicolay
By John Miskelly and Leo Stamps
By Guest Contributor

 "A band is a beautiful dream and a really delicate thing."

Oi Polloi Interview Extras
Interview by Kevin Dunn
By Guest Contributor

We haven’t got a venue where we can play? Okay, we go and build a stage on an island!

Ringers Interview Extras
Interview by Dave Brainwreck and Brian Damage
By Guest Contributor

Brian: Why did you switch to vinyl only?
Barker: I like vinyl.

Audio Interview with Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records

By todd

These records were the tip of the Trident missile she had help launch into the world.

Interview with Measure [SA]
''There was vomit in the pocket of his sweatshirt.''
By todd

There’s a fine line between sloganeering and actual common sense.

Interview with Adrenalin O.D.
'80s New Jersey Fire Starters
By Reyan Ali

We borrowed equipment from the opening bands. Very DIY. 

Interview With Off With Their Heads
Turning fuckedupedness into anthems.
By todd

Trying to karate chop through a chair, breaking my hand, and never getting it fixed. I wouldn’t do that again. Well, I might.

Interview with Yvonne Gomez
A hidden linchpin of East LA independent music.
By todd

It was done humbly, with handshakes, and just being cool to one another while paying all the bills.

Excerpt From URTC Interview
By todd

Cheryl’s all, "I just got a text, ‘In jail.’"

Uncle Monk Interview—Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan
Interview by Jaime Scorby
By Guest Contributor

The lyrics to both the Ramones and Uncle Monk are unique, philosophical, and personal; often autobiographical.

Interview with Hudley: Co-owner of Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989
Co-owner of Flipside Fanzine from 1979-1989.
By Staff

She helped keep the wheels on the wagon for the longest-running fanzine in Los Angeles history.

Interview With The Spits: Setting The (First) Record Straight
Interview by Shawn Durat
By Guest Contributor

Shawn: So, to any young punks, or young musicians, putting out a record for the first time, your words of advice would be?
Be careful.

Interview with Chris Piegler
Contributor Interview #10
By Lauren Trout

I can't recall ever going to an interview with a list of questions. I already know what I want to ask the band and I'm more than ready to let them say something that will take us down different avenues.

Interview with Intifada
By Alexander Billet
By Guest Contributor

The way I’ve always seen it is, politics are always social. Politics are always individual because whatever is said or whatever is working around you always affects you personally.

Interview with Holding On To Sound
By Chris Wicke
By Guest Contributor

They can see a local band they’re not one hundred percent sure about, or they can go see Rancid for forty bucks somewhere, and they’ll probably do that.

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