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Interview with The Bombpops
Razorcake Podcast by Madeline Bridenbaugh and Todd Taylor
By Staff

How many Bombpops does it take to get a sugar high on ’90s skate-influenced pop punk? I’d say about four straight out of Southern California in the form of two shredding lady guitarists and two dudes in a long-familiar rhythm section.

Interview with Western Settings
Razorcake Podcast by Madeline Bridenbaugh and Todd Taylor
By Staff

Western Settings is a (punkish) (pop) punk band from San Diego, Calif. It is the kind of band that keeps getting better, that you’ll catch yourself listening to or singing along with again and again.

Interview with Total Control
Razorcake Podcast by Todd Taylor and Derek Whipple
By Staff

Total Control is five Australian blokes who named their band after a Motels song. They put a hell of a lot of work into making multi-dimensional music, but they’re not douchebags about it.

Interview with Worriers
Razorcake Podcast by Todd Taylor and Megan Razzetti
By Staff

Living a life by example—to show what is possible to others who rarely see and hear their points of view on stage or on record—that gives Worriers undeniable strength. And they make fucking great music.

Interview with Nervosas
Razorcake Podcast by Hannah Blumenfeld and Todd Taylor
By Staff

“We have a Midwestern inevitability.”

Interview Podcast with Benny The Jet Rodriquez
Razorcake Podcast by Todd Taylor and Marty Ploy
By Staff

Joey: The cops said, “Don’t try to come through here again.
And stop selling cassettes, because that died in the ‘80s.” 
Lauren: They made fun of our merch!

Interview Podcast with Baby J. (Stoned At Heart, Can Of Beans)
Interview by Todd Taylor, Simon Sotelo, and Bianca
By Staff

An interview that covers San Pedro, the Air Force reserves, 
hard drugs, soft drugs, and confidence.

Interview Podcast with Delay
By Sean Arenas and Todd Taylor
By Staff

"If we took every piece of advice that my grandma gave us about 
being a band, we’d probably be famous."

Interview Podcast with Peach Kelli Pop
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Peach Kelli Pop is the brainchild of Allie Hanlon. Allie is an intelligent, talented, involved, practical musician who hates cops, refuses to capitalize the “g” in “god,” and knows how to get shit done.

Interview Podcast with Bob Suren
By Matt Average and Todd Taylor
By Staff

Crate Digger: An Obsession with Punk Records. Despite the title of the book—which is not specifically about records—it is more about life and the experiences he had around the time he acquired any particular piece of vinyl.

Interview Podcast with Emily Rose Epstein
By Todd Taylor and Derek Whipple
By Staff

Topics include: Drumming barefoot, playing over three hundred shows in a year with the Ty Segall Band, dealing with the anxiety of playing in front of thousands by locking in tight with friends who are bandmates, and the importance of taking the long view in making music.

Hello Shitty People Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Brilliant musicians that operated as a poor business model.

Interview Podcast with Alice Bag, Author of Pipe Bomb for the Soul

By todd

Topics include beauty standards, Paulo Freire’s concept of “banking” education, the FSLN, ethnicity, class, Comandante Gladys Baez, and personalizing your own revolution.

Interview with Angie Skull
Razorcake Podcast by Jimmy and Todd
By Staff

Todd and Jimmy chat with Angie about her involvement in the scene, her transition from fan to musician, parallels between punk and working as a mail carrier, and what has kept her involved through the years.

Karp Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Karp laid down some thunder in a storm of good times. 
Listen in as we chat with Jared about their self-titled LP.

Interview with Martin Wong of Save the Music in Chinatown
Razorcake Interview Podcast by Daryl and Todd
By Staff

Interview with Martin Wong, plus live tracks from
Mike Watt And The Secondmen and The Adolescents. 

Interview with Aztlan Underground
Razorcake Podcast By Jimmy Alvarado and Todd Taylor
By Staff

It only takes seconds into an Aztlan Underground tune for listener to know
they’ve come across a group unafraid of working outside the usual comfort zones.

LA Zine Fest 2015 Panel - New School, Old School
Feat. Larry Harmon, Sabrina Dropkick, Suzy Mae Mattay, Johnnie Jungleguts
By todd

As part of LA Zine Fest 2015, I was asked to host a panel. It was named
“Old School, New School” and billed as a “friendly, lively panel discussion
between longtime and newer zinesters. This podcast is that audio file.
It was a great, fluid conversation and a wonderful day.

Interview with Chris Pepus – Against Class Bigotry Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Candice

Higher education is supposed to be about bettering ourselves. If the pursuit of knowledge is so noble, why shouldn’t everyone be afforded that opportunity, regardless of class status? Chris Pepus and Candice Tobin discuss his resignation from the University of Washington, classist emails from the New York Times, and ways we can challenge discrimination in higher education.

The Swarm Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

The Swarm delivered some of the most concise hardcore of the
late ‘90s. Toronto is a long way from Gainesville. Listen as we
 discuss some ideas that tie the two cities together.

Panthro UK United 13 Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Panthro was out on the DIY punk circuit when a phone pager was the best 
way to communicate from a moving van. They paved the way for lots of 
Gainesvillebands of the late ‘90s and beyond.

Low Culture Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast with Todd Taylor, Daryl Gussin, and Kevin Dunn
By Staff

Featuring guys from Shang-a-Lang and the Marked Men, Low Culture are
 one of the world’s best contemporary DIY punk bands. Listen to JoJo’s 
stories about a horrible street punk tour planned around a snowboarding 
trip and his phone prank victimization.

Twelve Hour Turn Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Staff

Twelve Hour Turn - The Victory of Flightinterview with half of the Diem Brothers.
I know people tattooed with images from this album in Michigan, Nevada,
and Wales. 
Listen here to find out why!

Feminist Library On Wheels Podcast Interview with Jenn Witte

By Candice

The simple pleasure of riding a bike is a form of real freedom. 
F.L.O.W. co-founder Jenn Witte explores the deep roots and
 intertwined history of feminism, libraries, and cycling. 
Devour this one.

Radon Top Shelf Interview Podcast
Razorcake Podcast
By Replay Dave | Matt Sweeting

Radon's Dave Rohm discusses the band's debut LP, 28.
Matt and Dave listen intently.

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