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October 6th: A Full Day of Music
At Permanent Records, 1583 Colorado Blvd., Noon to 10 PM

By Staff
Monday, October 01 2012

Schedule and Band Descriptions

- 10pm
Merx's debut LP is comprised of looped synthetic drums, repetitively melodic bass and synth lines, and post-apocalyptic Morricone-esque guitar bits. Over the top, a very tall man in a Throbbing Gristle/Mickey Mouse/Grateful Dead parody tee speak/sings shouts/whoops like a baritone hybrid of Ian Curtis, Nick Cave, and Alan Vega.

Dunes - 9pm
"Formed a few years ago in the living room of friends because they, well, “currently were without bands,” the gauzy, romantic trio is comprised of Stephanie Chan from Finally Punk, Mark Greshowak of Talbot Tagora and drummer Katelyn Hall formerly of punk princesses Mika Miko." - Mishka Bloglin

HOTT MT - 8pm
"The band was HOTT MT, otherwise known as Hour of the Time Majesty Twelve. If you don’t know of the band but this name somehow still looks familiar to you in anyway, it is probably because you are a Flaming Lips fan of sorts. Not only were they featured on the leading track of The Flaming Lips last album The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, but The Flaming Lips frontman himself Wayne Coyne guest stars in one of HOTT MT’s songs as well." - LittleByListen.com

Bad Weather California - 7pm
"Hippie-hustler vocals, scruffy afro-guitar, dubious good vibes fuel freaky-fresh SoCal econo rock." - Spin

Night Control - 6pm
"Rosemead resident Christopher Curtis Smith's Night Control project seems to have tapped some kind of underground spring of hip influences. A non-exhaustive-- but definitely exhausting-- roll call of listener-reported RIYLs includes: My Bloody Valentine, David Byrne, Brian Eno, Pavement, Kurt Vile, the Microphones, Ariel Pink, Sebadoh, Neil Young, Cheap Trick, Wavves, Olivia Tremor Control, the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Velvet Underground (inevitable), and Michael Jackson (not so much)" - Pitchfork

White Night - 5pm
"If a bunch of Hickey worshippers from Milwaukee got tired of the rough winters and relocated to the Southwest only to ended up next door to the Swing Ding Amigos. Throw in a handful of F.Y.P tattoos and a good friend who just got home from Mendicino after spending a week trimming. It’s weird loud noise that nearly blows out the speakers but is still pop punk at heart."

Bachsung - 4pm
Krautrock influenced, psychedelic rock with drums / synthesizers / guitar.
"Bachsung means Dreamy, Loud, and Dreamy." - Free Music Archive

Snakkes - 3pm
We're big fans of bedroom recorded DIY pop and rock here at Permanent Records, especially when it's twisted, screwed, or fucked with (lovingly by Mike Rep always works for us) and that's exactly what you get on this here platter. Mike Rep had nothing to do with this record, but if he had, we wouldn't have been taken too far aback. In addition to some hook-laden lo-fi pop jams, there's some extra-special post-production in the mix that puts it well within the walls of our weirdo wheelhouse. Snakkes' (double consonants is the new Googlable black) debut EP sounds at times like what got us the most excited about "bands" like Blank Dogs, Flight, and Wavves early in their respective "careers", without sounding like a complete rehash of any of those particular groups - not an easy thing to do this far into the lo-fi revival.

Blood Buddies - 2pm
"Blood Buddies is a mercurial two-piece punk band from Los Angeles. With just guitar and drums they produce a soundtrack befitting a wizard battle.
Managing both clarity and weight in their dark and driving style, they know when to slow things down and when to break it open. Direct and angry, the vocals scream with haunting melodies and pensive retreats to head banging choruses.
They’ll pull you out of the Bronze Age and show you how to forge steel." - Razorcake

Spokenest - 1pm
"Consensual Rock" from LA.  "Music is supposed to be fun. Punk is supposed to be meaningful. Check your ego at the door, there's no room for bullshit here." - Spokenest

Mexico 68 Afrobeat Orchestra - 12pm
Mexico 68 is the newest Afrobeat-Funk band to come out of Los Angeles. Consisting of seasoned musicians, this band is on the road to become the hippiest thang for L.A.'s music scene.

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