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Things we learned getting The Boys banned in China
How to survive touring in a police state on lockdown, by Pete Stapleton
By Guest Contributor

Bomb shelters, paranoia, and a nationwide police operation.
U.K. punk veterans The Boys found one hell of a welcome
waiting for them when they came to tour China with Round Eye.

Featured Record Reviews From Issue #84
: Black Rainbow, Big Crux, Dystopia, Ergs!, Neighborhood Brats
By Staff

Black Rainbow is the fuzzy favorite blanket at the foot of your bed.
It’s extra warm, can wipe away your tears, doubles as a superhero cape,
or provides your dog with a home base.

Kelly Lone Photo Column - The Raging Nathans

By Kelly A. Lone

Fast and sweaty pop punk, Midwest style.

One Punk’s Guide to Bizarro Fiction

By mp

Bizarro Central, the online home of the genre, describes
bizarro fiction as the cult section of the literary world.
That’s as good a definition as any.

Webcomic Wednesdays #113
Where we present Retail Guy
By Alex Harris

Retail guy: a figure of the human condition we can all relate to. A webcomic by Alex Harris.

Top 5s from Issue #84
Top 5 Worst Songs to Hear on the Lite FM Station at Your Office Job
By Staff


(glitched cover by Candice)


One thing the web allows is to do is ADD VIDEOS. 
Issue 84's Top 5s are now visually and aurally enhanced, because we love you.


Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - Municipal Waste

By Chris Boarts Larson

Richmond locals Municipal Waste stir shit up with a stage dive ramp
and a guy surfing into the crowd on a boogie board.

A short story
By John Miskelly

A genteel tale of modern family values and artisan kitchenware.

Webcomic Wednesdays #112
Where we meet some new contributors
By Sam Grinberg

A classic haircut joke, in a classic style. A webcomic by Sam Grinberg.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column – The Screamers

By Louis Jacinto

I have no words that can describe The Screamers.

So… What Are You?, by Rishbha Bhagi

By Guest Contributor

Coming at someone you don’t even know and asking “What are you?” is racist… 
you’re basically saying, “Hey, you don’t fit in here so explain yourself to me. 
Explain what your ethnicity is because you don’t belonghere.”

Webcomic Wednesdays #111
Where we love Bob Mould
By Jim Kettner

The joy of seeing Bob Mould live and singing along to Husker Du. A webcomic by Kettnerd.

Boredom and Velocity (formerly A Broad Abroad)
Lie Back, Sweetheart, and Think of Estonia
By J.V. McDonough

I get to visit a lot of new places. 
Some of them seem newer to me than others. 
Estonia is one of those.

Patrick Houdek Photo Column – Sass Dragons

By Patrick Houdek

I thought I was going to pass out from the heat
when the Sass Dragons
and I wouldn’t be surprised if some people actually did. 

Webcomic Wednesdays #110
Starring PUNCH
By Jim Kettner

The hardcore band PUNCH plays what could be their last show. A webcomic by Jim Kettner.

Los Angeles Zine Fest 2015
Photos by Rachel, Essay by Seth Swaaley
By Rachel Murray Framingheddu

Rachel Murray Framingheddu and Seth Swaaley recap
the once-a-year, six-hour phenomenon known as L.A. Zine Fest.
Thousands congregate and celebrate zines at Homenetmen Hall in GlassellPark.

Kelly Lone Photo Column - Pears
By Kelly Lone
By Guest Contributor

Do you like bananas? How about the Descendents? 

Parenting for Weirdos: Round One
This is a fluke, right?
By Samantha Beerhouse

One parent’s perspective about having a shockingly easy baby. 
A mom who still finds the energy to complain about gender stereotypes, 
other boring parents, and terrible kid’s music.

Webcomic Wednesdays #109
Where we say fuck it and live
By Brad Dwyer

This is an excerpt from "Get Into Comix", a 72 pg. autobio comic by Brad Dwyer about acne, punk rock, and comic books. It came out back in 2013, but  Brad says, "I'm not very good at marketing or social media, so no one has ever heard of it." 
Click through to read and/or buy the entire book!


Featured Zine Reviews, Issue #84

By Staff

Have you thought this lately: If I read more zines like this, I would more than likely get out of my goddamn apartment.”? Let our zine reviews guide you to finding a new paper friend and getting you out into the world.

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - Aus Rotten

By Chris Boarts Larson

Aus Rotten from Pittsburgh made their mark as one of the best
 anarcho-punk bands of all times. In the ‘90s they played regular shows at 
ABC NO RIO in NYC and I took photos!

Webcomic Wednesdays #108
A Valentine
By Ollie Mikse

A pun-filled valentine starring The Clash. A webcomic by Ollie Mikse and Emily Yoder.

Every Record Review from Razorcake #84
Posted in One PDF
By Staff

Fifty-seven plus pages of record reviews. 
All the punk that was fit to print, and more!

Louis Jacinto Photo Page - The Alley Cats
Girls Make The Best Punks!
By Louis Jacinto

The Alley Cats’ bass player, Diane Chai, has already begun to 
get the crowd to begin a swirl that will soon engulf everyone
on the floor 
into a vortex of pogo-ing!

One Punk’s Guide to Surviving an All-Dayer
Booze. Food. Defecation. It’s all here.
By John Miskelly

An expert, all-purpose guide for surviving the gong shows
that are all-day punk shows.

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