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Adventures in (and on the Way to) Texas
MP Johnson's 6th Column
By mp

As the woman cruised away, pushing her wheelchair faster than we had been pushing it, she yelled back at us, in the nicest voice I’ve ever heard such a thing said, “Go back to where you came from!”

Brian Mosher's Monthly Column #8
Screams from Boston's Gutters
By brian

These guys are all former hardcore veterans (around here we pronounce it “hahdcoah”)

Razorcake Staff's Top 5s for Issue #32
This Is the Unabridged Version from That Issue
By Staff

P.S: Sorry about the sheets

Black Cobra, Dudefuckinhellyeah!, & I Klatus
Photos Taken at the Mountain Bar, Los Angeles, California, 4/15/06
By don

Hardcore. Sludge. Doom. Volume. 16. Cavity. Duo.


Making Friends at the Factory (Part II)
Death, Averting Death, and Pie, A Column
By mp

“Just make sure you don’t hit any deer or have any grandmas die this time.” That is officially the coldest thing another human being has ever said to me in my life.

Ask Miss Namella
You’re Too Anti-Social to Call the Suicide Hotline
By nam

I waited since I thought giving my anal cherry to the man who was going to marry me was a special treat and romantic in a quasi-old fashioned way.

The Brothers Quay
Dwelling in Phantasmagoria
By nam

What the fuck was I gonna do? Ask the Brothers Quay if they like Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission?

Three Years of War and Lies
A Column by Buttertooth
By Guest Contributor

In a year where Exxon reports record profits while the U.S. middle class shrinks, finally, it's sinking in...

Making Friends at the Factory (Part I)
A Column About the Hazards of Workplace Smiley Faces
By mp

If threats were acts, I would already be dead and oozing up a real good stink, and…

Three Seizures
A Column by MP Johson
By mp

Seizures are just your body’s way of shaking out the demons.

Pig Champion, Rest In Peace

By chris

I never met Tom Roberts (a.k.a. Tom Pig and most famously Pig Champion), but I was certainly a fan of Poison Idea.

Riot at the British Invasion
A Photo Essay by Eric Rife
By Staff

As if being a white supremacist isn't dumb enough, it was obvious to all but the most intellectually challenged that the rest of the crowd - which was easily fifty percent Hispanic - had the upper hand.

Willie Nelson and Daryl Hannah Promote Bio Diesel in San Diego
By Todd Price
By Guest Contributor

A pamphlet I found while enjoying the festivities proclaimed that bio diesel is ten times less toxic than table salt! So why aren't we already using bio diesel as a main source for fuel in our vehicles?

Lollipop Wrappers on the Floor
A Column
By brian

I don't generally get mail from dead people, or from crazy geniuses, either.

Messy Brown Smears
A Column
By mp

Neon slime is oozing out of your flesh and you're stabbing the fuck out of homeless dudes and slashing hooker's throats. You're walking on sunshine!

Top Ten Lists from 2005
In the Middle of February!
By Staff

We would have posted these earlier but we're drunks. And stupid. Especially the stupid part.

The Endless Blockade, SMD, Bastardass, Ruido, and Deadlock
Photos Taken at the East Los Warehouse, California, 1/14/06
By don

More live photos.

Dudman and NK6
Photos Taken by Rudy Olivarez
By Guest Contributor

Photos taken at the Café Kashmir, South Gate, California, 1/8/06 and at the Il Corral, Los Angeles, California, 1/9/06.

Sweat and Nipples... a Whole Weekend of 'Em!
Trying to Remember What Happened at the Fest
By Denise

There was a mimosa-sized hole in the middle of my gut that those beers, no matter how cold and wet they were, could never ever fill.

Polish Werewolves Vomiting Blood
A Column
By mp

Now you’re homeless and it’s all because of me.

The Hilarity of Losing a Finger
A Column
By brian

The back story is that, apparently, guitarist Bob suffered a traumatic partial amputation of one of his fingers on a drunken Boston Harbor Booze Cruise, when the member of some other Beantown band slammed a door on it.

It Could Have Been Such A Wonderful Year…
A Column
By joe

I’m not sure, but I think for every time I got stressed out, I also got at least one high five.

Bumbklaatt, Population Reduction, Minusone, and Deadlock
Photos Taken at the Long Beach Warehouse, California, 12/3/05
By don

Happy happy fun time!

Damn, I Love the Internet
A Column
By brian

It allows me to communicate with you without actually coming in contact with you, which is good because I didn’t shower today.

High School Kids Don't Read
A Column by Alex Douglas of Dunk and Piss
By Guest Contributor

If I ever see anyone get hit by a fire-hose, which I actually DO see on a more-than-regular basis, I say, "YOU GOT WATERED."

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