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Vote against Bush, 2006

By Chris Pepus

President George Bush Jr. is not on the ballot this election, but this is still a great chance to vote down his administration.

Response to the Destruction of Iraq’s Historical Collections
An Essay by Heela Naqshband
By Guest Contributor

The response of librarians and archivists worldwide to this devastating occurrence has been one of unease, disappointment and frustration, but also support and hope for restoring this veritable treasure trove of humanity.

Travis T.'s 3rd Installation of Comics
By Guest Contributor

The real life advice you wont get from the people who are always trying to give it to you.

Touch & Go 25th Anniversary Party
September 8-10, 2006
By koepenick

It is by no means a comprehensive journal of the proceedings. If you want that please head out into the wild and wooly blog-o-sphere. But I did catch close to 90% of the bands playing. For 25 bands in 3 days that’s pretty impressive.


Zombie Day!
MP Johnson's 9th Column
By mp

There are few things in life more surreal than turning into a zombie and spending a hot Minnesota afternoon lurking in a cornfield.

Brian Mosher's Monthly Column #12
Interview with The Noise Publisher, T Max
By brian

"I made this my sole income. I was too frightened to actually get a real job that I would hate. Better to be a poor fanzine bastard than to sell my soul to a corporation."

Sunset Junction Street Fair 2006
By Hannah Cox
By Guest Contributor

When they played “Let’s Get Fucked Up,” a girl standing next to me started puking on the ground, which I thought went quite well with the whole affair.

Travis T.'s 2nd Installation of Comics
By Guest Contributor

More laughs for the whole family than an evening with your senile uncle.

World Downfall, Line Up Your Lies, Maggot Colony, Sabu, and Gorgonized Dorks
Photos Shot at the Long Beach Warehouse, California, 6/24/06
By don

Grind is not a term you only learn in metal shop.

Faye & Livy Show 6 By Livy Star
August 25th, at ‘t Paard van Troje in Den Haag (a.k.a. the Hague), the Netherlan
By Guest Contributor

You ever get the feeling that since so much has already gone wrong, that it couldn’t possibly get any worse?

Brian Mosher's Monthly Column #11
Rest In Peace, Jimmy Reject
By brian

Thirty five years doesn’t seem like enough. But for Jimmy Reject it was more than enough.

Tim Version and Dukes of Hillsborough Tour Diary: Part Two
Written By Russ Van Cleave, With Help By Joe Evans III
By Guest Contributor

"It was flattering and funny but his methods of getting his point across were also weird and sorta creepy."

Imperial Leather, Aghast, and Riot This
Photos Taken at the Long Beach Warehouse, California, 6/16/06
By don

Blastbeats for justice!

The Season for Festing Is Upon Us

By Denise

This is a small town, so the addition of a thousand or two extra people ready to destroy their physical beings in the name of rock makes a big impact on everything.

The Doctor Will See You Now…
Dr. Strange's 1st Column
By Guest Contributor

"This is not about politics. It’s not the Democrats versus the Republicans. It’s not about ethnicity or borders, it’s about us: The human race."

Bad Dreams
MP Johnson's 8th Column
By mp

It’s not like combining disco and armpit fart symphonies or anything.

Imperial Leather, Sin Remedio, and Reagan SS
Photos Taken at Zen Sushi, Silverlake, California, 6/15/06
By don

And everyone went to bed that night knowing that the world was a better place.

Razorcake Staff's Top 5s for Issue #33
This Is the Unabridged Version from That Issue
By Staff

Guess who get's mentioned the most...

Travis T.'s 1st Comic
By Guest Contributor

And now what you've all been waiting for; a six foot tall talking cigarette.

Brian Mosher's Monthly Column #10
A Metaphorical Journey to the Top of a Mountain and the Subsequent Profanity
By brian

“Fuck you! I’m not kneeling here; this snow must be a foot deep!”


Adventures in (and on the way to) Texas III
MP Johnson's 7th Column
By mp

In Oklahoma, we noticed an abundance of signs along the highway that warned “Do Not Drive Into Smoke.” These piqued our curiosity. What smoke? Where did it come from? Will we get to see any?

Philippine Hardcore/Punk Scene Report
By Emmanuel Jasmin
By Guest Contributor

For those who slept in their geography class, the Philippines are an island nation located in the South East part of Asia.

Tramway Beatbox Skinhead, Drunk and Shirtless
A Column by Rhythm Chicken
By paul

The two old ladies remained still as stone, conditioned after decades of emotionless societal behavior under communism. I, however, was an American raised on Saturday Night Live and punk rock.

The Second Installment of Ask Miss Namella
The Debut of Miss Namella’s Personal Party Manifesto
By nam

Quick, do it fast before the ironic hipness wears off. Aw, too late. That was so last sentence ago.

Nice Try God, But Hell, It Is Good To Be Home
Denise's 5th Column
By Denise

The only thing better than cheap beer is free beer—or sex—depending on who you are debating.

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