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Fest 6
She remembers it so you don't have to.
By Denise

For the first time, I have all of my memories intact.We made it through as planned, with no injuries, no blackouts, and no new skeletons to tuck away.

Zombie Music Reviews
MP Johnson's 16th Column
By mp

As a zombie, I essentially have one important decision to make on a daily basis: Whose brains am I going to eat?

Originally in Trust
By todd

I knew, pretty much exactly, what I hated: brain-deadening work, being constantly underpaid, feeling my spirit getting crushed into dust. The usual. It’s called work and not a party for a reason.

Top 5s From Issue #40
An open air market of ideas and staunch opinioneering.
By Staff

Top 5 pickup lines at 2007 San Diego Comic Con...

Punklightenment #3
Life Is the Pits
By Marcus Solomon

In any event, everyone gets born, and everyone dies.

Doesn't It Get Cold out Here?
Bryan Static's Fifth Column
By Guest Contributor

I saw the world as a dull, hopeless ball where humanity should have as much fun as they can before they die a horrible death.

Warped Tour 2007 in lovely Carson, CA
By Lindsay Hutchens
By Guest Contributor

It’s comforting and awakening at the same time: to find people who get you, only to see they’re rocking your same one-and-only look.

Uncertain Originality Awaits, aka “New Things Is Scary”
Constantine Koutsoutis’ Second Column
By Guest Contributor

Go on, nibble on the edges of your vegan bacon security blanket if you want.

You’re So Vein
D. Strange's Fifth Column
By Guest Contributor

Imagine about five prehistoric worms from the Amazon implanted just below the surface of your skin.

Six Shows, Three Days
MP Johnson’s Fifteenth Column
By mp

What the fuck kind of half-assed marriage proposal did I just witness? There was no ring, for one thing. Not even some makeshift stand in for a ring, like a froot loop.

The Cheapest Way to Send 1, 2, or 3 7” Records in the Mail
A DIY Guide
By todd

The new postal regulations are wacky and they’re expensive. Here’s a quick guide to save you some money on sending vinyl in the mail.

Jimmy Alvarado and Designated Dale Moonlighting
Jimmy vs. The Boss! Dale vs. The Beach Boys!
By Staff

Razorcake subscriber and very nice dude, Mark Marchman, asked a couple of our contributors what they thought about some “classic” records.

Punklightenment: Stray Humans
Marcus Solomon's Second Column
By Guest Contributor

Hell, if you can take a moment to pick someone off the floor in the slam pit, you can also take a moment to lift the spirits of someone who is on the street.

Issue #39 Top 5s
Jerry Falwell's death is on there!
By Staff

Uh... we spaced on posting #38's top 5s on time so here's 39's early.

Issue #38 Top 5s
Are you a virgin? (She meant to say vegetarian)
By Staff

From Kurt Vonnegut to the Weather Underground...

You Can Only Avoid Complaining For So Long
Bryan Static’s Fourth Column
By Guest Contributor

We were given name tags, a bow tie, and the tour.


So a College Professor Walks into a Punk Show…
Constantine Koutsoutis' First Column
By Guest Contributor

It drives a poor, tortured, and totally caffeine-strung out soul like mine to think that perhaps there is no chance for a punk like me to find balance between the music, the message, and the marks on the paper.

Not Going to the Show
MP Johnson's Fourteenth Column
By mp

Looking up, I saw a big bat fluttering around just a few feet above us. I hoped it was giving a signal to the nocturnal world for shit to get interesting.

By Marcus Solomon
By Guest Contributor

Punk opened up an entire new world that reintroduced me to myself and helped me regain my temporarily assassinated self-esteem.

Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom V
June 2, 2007 at the Plainfield Station
By Daryl Gussin

Containing a roster of bands that greatly vary in musical styles O:RMF is a celebration of diversity as well as the strength of independent music.

My Vacation With The Shemps
Riding along on the Shemps/I Farm “We Play Darts” Midwest Tour ‘07
By joe

I realize there’s some irony in trying to relax by going on tour with a band whose members have managed to provoke people into dumping garbage cans on them, not to mention grabbing my crotch (and hard) while seeing them live, but I figured at least, if nothing, it wouldn’t be boring.

The People Upstairs
MP Johnson's Thirteenth Column
By mp

Highlights of which included the father having long, drawn-out screaming matches with his young daughter about how he is better at video games than her.

Bryan Static's Third Column
Top 5 Stupidest Things That Have Landed Him in the Hot Seat
By Guest Contributor

And here’s the part where we find out god hates me.

The FBI Report On the Murder of Emmett Till
Update 2007
By Chris Pepus

On March 30, the Federal Bureau of Investigation publicly released its 2006 report on the Emmett Till case.

Fix My Brain
Bryan Static's 2nd Column
By Guest Contributor

And here my memory gets a little fuzzy.

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