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In These Shoes
By Scott Thomson
By Guest Contributor

The woman who worked the bar was about seventy and was easily convinced that you were old enough to drink.

Top 5s From Issue #54
Parisian bouncers, taco cheese, Abel Ferrara, and more!
By Staff

See, kids, practice playing your guitar and pump yourself up on social networks: magic formula for success!

On the Worthlessness of Politically Correct Liberals
December 2009
By Chris Pepus

It’s great to oppose racist and sexist epithets. But when you ignore issues like wage stagnation, declining social mobility, longer workweeks, and unsafe work conditions, you reveal your political stance for what it is: a pose.


Gimme Gimme Mosh Treatment
By Sean Logic
By Guest Contributor

All in all I'd have to say it was a pretty good night.

The Resurrection of Mangala
Punklightenment, December 2009
By Marcus Solomon

I realized that people were being sorted out. My true friends and allies were coming to the rescue while the false ones—the users and deceivers—were being revealed and removed.

Fest 8 Recap
By Matt Walker
By Guest Contributor

This is that part of the night where things get a little hazy. I apparently bought and ate pizza, which I don’t remember.

A Recollection of Events Occurring One Sunday Night
November, 2009 Column
By Bryan Static

“What did you do this weekend, Bryan?”
“Not much, I guess.”

Top 5s From Issue #53
Like you didn't know.
By Staff

Converting to Greek mythology at a poolside ceremony.


Tim Version Japan Tour Diary, 2009
By Russ Van Cleave
By Guest Contributor

When we tried it tasted like a fish-flavored sour patch kid.

Halloween Is Fun And You’re Not (Unless You Dress Up)
By Nighthawk
By Guest Contributor

You only get so many Halloweens. You might as well take advantage of as many as you can.

My Week As a Strait A
A Tour Diary
By joe

The next day has been dubbed “Figure out what’s wrong with the car and then try to fix it” day.

Top 5s from Issue #52
Yep, they actually like this crap.
By Staff

"Dancing to Shang-A-Lang at my wedding" - Congratulations Bill!

Tom Died
Punklightenment #9
By Marcus Solomon

Anyone who has had a special pet knows exactly what I mean. 

There’s A Metaphor in There Somewhere
Column #11
By Bryan Static

…the sense of thinking of a clever comeback in an encounter when it is too late…

Realize and Reset.
Punklightenment #8
By Marcus Solomon

Too much of anything is bad. Too little of anything is bad. I love doing something worthwhile in a place that is neither overdeveloped nor too remote, but God…I hate the mall. 

First Annual Jam for Van
April 19th, Arvada, CO
By ryan

The aim of the event was to celebrate the life of Van Wastell—a great person, artist, and skateboarder who left us way too early last September.

Obama and the Freeloading Bankers
Why not go along with the new bailout?
By Chris Pepus

It was a crazy system, but you have to admit there was a certain consistency to it: tons of worthless securities, guaranteed by worthless insurance, sanctioned by a president who was an empty suit.

Late Night Limes
Column #10
By Bryan Static

“Fuck the odds,” I said as I entered my horseless carriage and rode off into the sunset.

The Game Of Life
Column #4
By Ryan Horky

I went to a small high school in the days before No Child Left Behind. Teachers often pulled double duty and/or taught classes they were entirely unqualified to teach.

The Economic Crisis
Interview with Danny Schechter
By Chris Pepus

Danny: I think there has to be an acknowledgement that this is a structural crisis. We have to recognize that a lot of this was caused by corporate crime. We need a jailout, not just a bailout. Hold these people responsible.

R.I.P. Lux Interior
10/21/46 - 02/04/09
By rob

Stay sick.

Give Change a Chance
Punklightenment 7
By Marcus Solomon

Our nation has gone from enslavement of the black race to elevating a black man to the highest position in the land.

Class Notes
Welfare for the Rich at America’s Colleges
By Chris Pepus

In education, as in other areas, the government has its priorities backward.

In Plain View
By Nighthawk
By Guest Contributor

I have the executive look. “Shirts are for work.”

Top 5s From Issue #47
Five things some thirty-five people are into.
By Staff

3. Financial Meltdown. Only in America can the free-market turn into socialism overnight. They Fed-Ex'd that shit!

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