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By Justin Maurer
By Guest Contributor

We have made peace out of war. The only battles we fight are against weeds and moles in our garden.

Total Chaos and The Consumers
Recent Record Review from Issue #67
By Staff

Sure, we have biases. We’re not robots.

Top 5s from Issue #67
Individual opinions expressed within are not necessarily...
By Staff

Best Things from 2011 I Just Got around to...

LEATHERFACE: Viva La Arthouse: CD
A record review.
By Craven

They don’t offer hope at all. They are hope.

The Gentleman Jackalope
“Bike Me on Facebook!”
By Ronnie Sullivan

Concentrating on navigating, remaining aware of surrounding hazards, jockeying for speed, and trying not to die all at once.

Who Can You Trust?
Punklightenment, March 2012
By Marcus Solomon

Isn’t it just plain common sense not to let anyone blindfold you and put things in your mouth?

Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage: A Chicana Punk Story
By Alice Bag, A Book Review
By todd

She has a great way of twisting themes together in ways that are artistic, light handed, and vivid.

Top 5s from Razorcake #66
Songs about ducks.
By Staff

Free breakfast tacos every Wednesday morning at my new job.

Sports Are Punk and Bud Light Lime Isn’t
January 2012
By Nighthawk

I’m going to start off by contradicting myself.

Top 5s from Razorcake #65
A buncha people ramble about Awesome Fest and other assorted nonsense.
By Staff

"Being all coffee’d up in Al Scorch’s living room and hearing “Troubled Heart” by the Future Virgins for the first time."


The Gentleman Jackalope
“Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky”
By Ronnie Sullivan

I’ve been told that true friends are not the people who eventually bail you out of jail. True friends are the idiots stuck in there with you.

Read an excerpt from Greg Palast’s new book, Vultures’ Picnic
With an introduction by Chris Pepus
By Guest Contributor

Here is a skyscraper on fire, and the firemen show up with two bottles of seltzer.

How Much Heart Can You Take?
Ten Days with the Future Virgins’ Western Problems
By Mike Faloon

It didn’t take long to think that listening to Western Problems every day for the next ten days would be a good idea.

Wall Street’s President
It’s great to see rage directed at the right targets.
By Chris Pepus

I was one of those who supported Barack Obama for president, and he’s been in office long enough for us to judge his record.

The Budget Crisis and Other Swindles
Part 2
By Chris Pepus

Governments cut spending to make up for lost revenues. That weakens the economy, diminishes revenues, and prompts more spending cuts.

Punk Rock Time Machine
Punklightenment, November 2011
By Marcus Solomon

We older ones are crumbling with age to the same soundtrack of our salad days while those who still have time on their side absorb our energy through osmosis.

The Gentleman Jackalope: An Unexpected Stop along the Farewell Tour
By Ronnie Sullivan
By Guest Contributor

When the Timbers score, the lumberjack mascot Timber Joey cuts slices from a log located in front of the Timbers Army and presents them to the goal scorers after the game. No joke.

The White-Trash Scapegoat
Contempt for white trash is a point of bipartisan agreement.
By Chris Pepus

He evidently believes that poverty and illiteracy are personal choices, on a par with overeating.

Too Many Fests
Buy me a beer, or pour it on my head. I don’t care.
By Nighthawk

Let’s look at something else. It’s called a calendar. If you were to go to all these fests, you’d almost have to be rich or live with your parents or something, because who can get off work this much?

The Budget Crisis and Other Swindles
Part 1
By Chris Pepus

To get the answers, we’ll need to consult the work of experts who have actually been right in the past.

Mercutio since Last Week: Chapter Two
By John Miskelly
By Guest Contributor

You’ll be the death of him, you know,” she said scanning the room. “Whether it’s alcohol poisoning or hepatitis, it’ll be your fault.”

Awful Man, New Ways to Say Fuck Off 7''
July's 7'' of the Month
By Daryl Gussin

Gruff melodies, catchy choruses, and a united front to crush all norms!

Top 5s from Issue #62
See which contributor got yelled at by Blake's mom.
By Staff

Five Tunes I Recommend You Play Full Blast at Work Between the Hours Of 3-4 p.m.

Ben Snakepit: Life Lessons on the Crapper
By Ronnie Sullivan
By Guest Contributor

That’s really what the Snakepit comic represents: Life.

Fight to the End
Punklightenment June, 2011
By Marcus Solomon

We all get what we deserve.

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