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Webcomic Wednesdays #107
A valentine from the archives
By kiyoshi

An archived comic from Razorcake issue 54, about "love" and Kanye West. By Kiyoshi Nakazawa. 

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - Nausea

By Chris Boarts Larson


Nausea were such an important band. They were important to NYC. 
They were important to anarcho punks the world over, 
and they were important to me personally. 


Trials and Tribulations of a Misguided Adult
Short-tempers, Unrequited Love, and Broken Beer Bottles by Brooke D McCarley
By Guest Contributor

Most bands never escape the irksome act of band drama, which can range from hate emails and temper tantrums to the occasional beer bottle to the head. No matter how civil the members appear to be, there often comes tension, gossip, and breaking points that ruin friendships.

Webcomic Wednesdays #106
Where it is okay to be picky
By Ollie Mikse

A joke about hipster ducks. A webcomic by Ollie Mikse.

Patrick Houdek Photo Column, The Brokedowns

By Patrick Houdek

Brokedowns - Ian's Party 2015 at Quencher's, January 3, 2015

Webcomic Wednesdays #105
From the Archives: Issue 51
By Ben Snakepit

Tour dogs, and when they're not your best friend. A comic by Ben Snakepit, originally published in Razorcake issue #51

Featured Record Reviews From Issue #83
The perfect length to eat a giant-ass, messy burrito to
By Staff

Nervous Gender Germinating
Louis Jacinto, www.onodream.com
By Louis Jacinto

Nervous Gender’s l-r, Mike Ochoa and Gerardo Velasquez, 1977

A Broad Abroad
Where The Road Leads
By J.V. McDonough

J.V. plays music for an almost-living in the band M.O.T.O., which means she spends a lot of time on The Road. The Road is a place where the sublime crashes up against the mundane. It's not just an adventure, it’s a job.

Webcomic Wednesdays #104
Where it is always NPR
By Ollie Mikse

A humorous look at the liberal stereotypes we are all guilty of. A webcomic by Ollie Mikse. 

Top 5s from Issue #83
It’s Fall and I Want to...DIY Everything!
By Staff

(glitch art by candice)

Read through our staff and friend list of Top 5s. Replay nailed his!

• Tim Version, Ordinary Life LP
• Big Business, Here Come the Waterworks LP
• Black Rainbow, Self-titled LP
• Any Trouble, Self-titled LP
• The wasted morning DJ on 104.9 FM in Gainesville

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column - Avail
Beau Beau Flip
By Chris Boarts Larson

June 1994, Paramus, NJ

Hey God, What The Fuck?
Shit Gets Heavy
By Nighthawk

Wedcomic Wednesdays #103
Where we graduate
By Brad Dwyer

Coming to terms with graduating college and where you're supposed to go from there, especially with an art degree. A webcomic by Brad Dwyer.

Patrick Houdek Photo Page, Pegboy

By Patrick Houdek

Pegboy at Liar's Club - Liarpaloozer, September 12, 2014

Webcomic Wednesdays #102
Where, uh, cats
By Ollie Mikse

A webcomic about cat ownership and couch destruction. Written and illustrated by Ollie Mikse.

Louis Jacinto Photo Page, The Bags

By Louis Jacinto

The Bags at the Dreva/Gronk Art Show, LACE Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, 1978.

Webcomic Wednesday #101
Where you DONATE
By kiyoshi

A mock look about all the reasons why an asshole like you would hate Razorcake and not DONATE. A comic by Kiyoshi Nakazawa, originally published in Razorcake, issue 50.

Featured Zine Reviews from Issue #83
Been doing this zine since Methuselah was in elementary school
By Staff

Punk Parenthood For The Sleep Deprived 6
Who Invented The Typical Boy?
By jennifer

Creepy Ephemera #3: Letters to Santa
A webcolumn about the weird
By Donna Ramone

Weird history accurately researched and presented humorously. This month’s topic: Letters to Santa Claus and the mail services burdened with them.

Rachel Murray Framingheddu Photo Page, Descendents

By Rachel Murray Framingheddu

“You want bill sperm with that? No!” Milo went to college, got a Ph.D., then bummed out unsuspecting business-class travelers hoping for a quiet, relaxing weekend in Gainesville. Punks win another small victory.



Webcomic Wednesdays #100
Only thing more important than webcomics are zines
By Aimée Pijpers

Internet spam is comical in its attempt to give us all giant penises. A webcomic by zine author Aimée Pijpers.

Every Record Review from Razorcake #83
Posted in One PDF
By Staff

Three-hundred plus record reviews.
All the punk that was fit to print, and more!

Michelangelo and Princess Elsa’s Christmas Play
A short story
By John Miskelly

Why isn't dad moving? Why aren't there any reindeers?
Misanthrope John Miskelly's yuletide tale of woe (comes with ebook!)
Happy Holidays from the Razorcake crew.

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