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Website Army Update For February
$4 Gorksy Books

By Staff
Thursday, February 07 2008

Barnes and Noble Can Suck It

Razorcake has taken a big leap of faith. Long story short is that distributors that service the national chain stores have been fucking us over. I spent the last year closely on top of them and every time they were scrutinized, they just stonewalled me or gave me corporate speak of why I shouldn’t complain that we have to pay every time someone steals a Razorcake from a chain store. So, no more Razorcake in Barnes and Noble, Borders, whatever big-ass chain. The good news? We've been working really, really hard with the existing mom and pops and smaller distros. We've also been very fortunate with more and more people directly subscribing to us. Thanks. It's more work up front, but it makes me feel so much better getting out of that shark pool.

Benefit Shows

The Razorcake benefit in San Francisco was a go! Thanks to all of the bands who played and all the folks who showed up in the pouring rain. For every benefit thrown in our name, we’ll be putting 100% of that money aside for the community center so everyone who helped and attended will know that their money is going to great use. We’re also slowly working on putting up an icon on our website that tracks our progress. Like a thermometer or something.

We have two more benefits already in the works.
Many thanks to Renee Clay for setting this kickass show together:
March 28, 2008: Bridge & Tunnel, For Science, Bread & Roses, Serious Geniuses, and The Closet Fairies, all ages, suggested donation of $7, 6pm @ the Papercut Zine Library Cambridge, MA: www.myspace.com/papercutzinelibrary

Our pals Katie Hansen and Amy Munger of Moon River Productions are planning a show in the Elgin/ Chicago area IL in late April. More details when things solidify.

Website Army Special: $4 Gorsky Press Books

Don’t ask why or how, but if you’ve ever thought of buying a Gorsky Press book – including books by Razorcake contributors Ben Snakepit, Sean Carswell, Jim Ruland, Jennifer Whiteford, and Todd Taylor – now would be a great time.  

For a limited time only (How long? Don’t know), every Gorsky Press book Razorcake.org (and only razorcake.org) has in stock is $4 (plus 50 cents postage, per order) anywhere in the U.S. The only catch is that the covers may or may not be a little scuffed.

Click here for the complete list of Gorsky Press titles that Razorcake carries:

New Issue Is Out
We’ve also been doing a zine for seven years. It’s called Razorcake. We cover DIY culture and bands we like a lot. Issue #42 features The Tranzmitors, Hunchback, The Rebel Spell, Wounded Lion, Geykido Comet Records, and The U.S. Air Guitar Championships.

New Records in the Distro
Jiminey, there are soooo many great records coming out… here are some that we’ve snagged. Some directly from the bands on tour, some from long-ass negotiations.  Rest assured, some of these won’t last long and will be back on Ebay in the coming months.

The Arrivals/The Brokedowns, split 7”
Their first release since their monumental 2007 LP (Marvels of Industry on Recess Records) the Arrivals demonstrate in three more songs that they know a thing or twelve about rock’n’roll that’s not afraid to be confused with punk, or vice versa. And no, we’re not talking about punk’n’roll. The Brokedowns: fans of the Arrivals and Dillinger Four will surely not be disappointed by this band’s contribution to this record. Multi-vocalist Midwest punk rock. (1234 Go!)

Chinese Telephones, Self-titled LP
The first full-length from these band and I don't think there is a soul on the planet that is disappointed. If you were enamored by their 7"s and splits just wait till you get your grubby little fingers on this one. More delicious poppy, punk, rock'n'roll. (It's Alive)

County Line Road, The Birth of Hank Malloy 7”
J. and Davey, from Dan Padilla and Tiltwheel, plus Mario from Madison Bloodbath get together with some acoustic instruments and lay down some solid gruff, country, string band tunes. This 45 is rich in anti-organized religion themes, SoCal restlessness, and totally for any fan of Rumbleseat, Pretty Boy Thorston, or any other punk influenced country that doesn’t suck. January’s 7” of the month. (Fast Crowd)

Crossed Eyes, Rattled 7”
Garagey pop-punk played with hardcore sensibilities. Like if the Marked Men spent their work week in the Marked Men and their weekends in Fucked Up. One of those bands where the influences are so ranging you just gotta admit to yourself that they like music and they're playing exactly the kind of music they wanna play. And it's good. (Sorry State)

Dan Padilla/Tim Version/Hidden Spots/Tiltwheel, 4-way split 7”
Hopefully if you're reading this you understand how cool these bands are, but if your not familiar it's your lucky day, because this is a really good introduction to four great bands. (ADD)

Future Virgins/Onion Flavored Rings, split 7”
Future Virgins, issue #41 cover band, know how to deliver the goods. After releasing two 7”s on Plan-It-X Records South, it seems that there’s a golden rule with them: get as much as you can, wherever you can. Onion Flavored Rings: no rookies to the course these songsmiths are as heartfelt and sincere as ever. After a full-length on their own label, and a split 7” and second full-length on No Idea; this band continues to write songs by their own constitution of what punk is, and always continue to remain relevant. (1234 Go!)

Fy Fan 7”
Fy Fan is a Swedish band that plays with the earth-moving energy of DS-13 backed by the rock’n’roll sensibility of No Hope For The Kids. Just short of all-out raging the space in between Fy Fan and all things Dis gives the songs character and something to hold on to. Recorded by Tommas Svendsen who has recorded Gorilla Angreb, Amde Petersens Arme, this six-song 7” will make you pump and pound your fist, and maybe even do a little shouting along… if you know Swedish. December's 7" of the month. (Feral Ward)

Hidden Spots, Important Transmissions 7”
The Hidden Spots take that unshakable earnestness of The Jack Palance Band (and a few of the members)—catchy, but not too sweet, with little flourishes that reveal themselves after repeated listens—along with the rumble of Leatherface to churn out four songs that light a new spark. Contains members of Horrible Odds, Future Virgins, Queerwulf, as well as many others. (ADD)

Land Action, Spanish Lisp 7”
Steamy, hissy, low fidelity punk rock with the occasional (and appropriate) keyboards. Recorded at the 24/7 House (the old Trashies’ abode), this band contains Mike Napkin of Bloodbath & Beyond, Defect Defect, the Minds, and tons of other good (often great) bands. (Dirtcult)

Siege, Drop Dead LP
Over twenty years from when this was originally released and it can still hold up with most hardcore and thrash in terms of speed and brutality! These songs are more than music, it's like being born on a killing field and having to chew off your own hand just to survive. It's intense, merciless, and completely amazing. Any fan of MidwesternSongs... to Killed By the Kids to Tragedy will appreciate this record, its historical significance and it's direct influence on bands like Infest, Drop Dead and Napalm Death. (Deep Six)

Tiltwheel, Hair Brained Scheme Addicts CD
If you're looking for intelligent punk rock that sinks its hooks deeper with every listen in the vein of Husker Du and Leatherface, Tiltwheel's the way to go. One of Razorcake’s all-time faves. This is the CD version, not the awesome clear vinyl LP version that can also be found in this here distro. (ADD)

Tim Version, Decline of the Southern Gentlemen LP
This is the limited tour version of their third full-length. Along with the Arrivals, the Tim Version are militantly defying the notion that as bands release more material they start to suck. For any fan of Grabass Charlestons, Bill Reese Peters, Tiltwheel, Against Me, and BBQ. Hand-screened covers, colored vinyl, only 200 made. (No Idea)

Too Many Daves 7”
All five dudes have Dave in their name (first or last), and it’s so friendly that if the technology existed, the record itself would be opening up your beer and lighting your bong as it spins on the turntable. It’s also the equivalent to your friends who dress up in 12-pack cartons after they’ve been emptied and wave to neighbors while they’re pissing on their lawns. It’s more than a record; it’s a blueprint to these dudes’ lives. Contains members of good bands. (ADD)

Shorebirds 7”
From the ashes of two extremely popular bands (Jawbreaker and the Latterman) rises a new beast. A beast named the Shorebirds. A beast of melody, honesty, and pure DIY righteousness. This 7" contains 4 songs of catchy, melodic, DIY punk in the vein of Bent Outta Shape, Witches With Dicks, and Tulsa. House shows galore! On "gold" vinyl, the covers come in assorted colors, and the labels are hand-written. (Shorebirds)

Underground Railroad To Candyland, Bird Roughs LP
DIY San Pedro punk rock by way of '80s Euro bands. Bird Roughs is a weird, but comfortingly so, record that’s kinda what you’d expect from the folks involved, but not exactly. Contains members of Toys That Kill and Can Of Beans. Right now we have them on clear orange vinyl. (Recess)

New Zines in the Distro
Reading makes the brain grow. Documented fact.

Avow #22
The Modern Life Is War lyrics that are printed on the back cover of this zine really sum up the issue quite well, "The path is dim and twisted but there's nothing stopping you. Too many love songs. Too many unanswered prayers. Nobody is gonna save you, cause nobody cares. The years are raining down. You gotta find your own way out." Keith has some stories to tell, some really sad stories, but he's never fishing for your pity, he's just trying to write his zine, and he does it amazingly.

Drunken Master #10
Kiyoshi Nakazawa is a regular Razorcake Columnist with his Won Ton Not Now comic. He also frequently illustrates pictures for other's columns. When he's not doing all that bad ass shit for this zine, he's busy doing his own zine- Drunken Master. Now in its 10th issue, Drunken Master rules. In it you can find interviews, comics, and feature columns that will rekindle your love with both martial arts and absurdity.

Roctober #43
If Jake Austen and crew weren’t writing these articles or conducting these interviews, no one would be. This is for fans, by fans. It’s truly humbling to read this zine because of how knowledgeable the writers are of so many different types of music. This issue features such obscurity as Afrika Bambaataa, Chuck Dukowski, Syd Barrett, and many others.

Roctober #44
More music fanzine madness from Roctober. This issue features articles on Lenny Bruce, Nardwuar Vs. Snoop and Nardwuar Vs. Ice T, Religious Concept Albums by Mike Faloon, and so very much more. One-hundred and thirty-four pages of awesomely useless information that you probably wont find anywhere else.


The Arrivals, Marvels of Industry LP (Recess)

Dan Padilla/Madison Bloodbath, split 7” (ADD)

Government Warning, Arrested 7” (Grave Mistake)

Potential Johns/Chinese Telephones, split 12” (Cheeky Git)

Rivethead, Cheap Wine of Youth LP (Recess)

Tulsa, Sour Digs LP (Starcleaner)

Witches With Dicks, American Railroads 7” (Kiss of Death)

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