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Tear A Cognita #04: San Diego, California
A series of free, downloadable, regional comps.

By Staff
Tuesday, October 06 2015

Tear A Cognita is a series of regional compilations put together by active participants in the community they're representing. The focus of this one is San Diego. If you're interested in what it takes to compile one for your own town, drop us a line here-

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Mike Davis’s 2005 book Under the Perfect Sun: the San Diego Tourists Never See was the first real people’s history of San Diego. The book dug past San Diego’s popularly visible facade of the zoo, Sea World, 70 miles of coastline, and 263 days of sun to get to the noirish, dark, seedy, underbelly that more realistically defines the life of most San Diegans. Below the rose colored mythical surface most outsiders see, and beyond the complex and ever-present weight of the border and military that most natives have to live with, there exists a far more colorful world of misfits and outsiders. Bill Perrinne's documentary, It's Gonna Blow explores this further through the microcosmic lens of San Diego's music scene of the late '80s and early '90s, where scores of disaffected youth, in the shadow of the sun swept, picturesque coastline and the military industrial complex, created a wild scene of bands as varied as Rocket From The Crypt, the Locust, Crash Worship, Drive Like Jehu, Heroin, and others. Fun, funny, weird, complex and challenging, genre defying bands. While many of the aforementioned have since broken up, I believe this spirit to be a continued legacy of the San Diego scene. Where, below the surface there survives and thrives a wonderful world of punk, hardcore, noise, garage, thrash, and psychedelic bands that never seem out of place sharing the same bills. Though I moved away seven years ago now, I've tried to stay in touch and stay involved as much as I possibly could. For this compilation I reached out to some long time friends and San Diego scene veterans (Hadi Fever from Stalins Of Sound/the Dissimilars and Craig Oliver from Christmas Island/Volar Records) to make sure what we've put together is a worthy representation of that weird, wild, and varied scene. I think we were successful in doing so. Hopefully you'll listen and agree. –Jeff Proctor

Assembled by: Jeff Proctor, Hadi Fever, and Craig Oliver
Photo by: Jason Bang / www.jasonfreakinbang.com
Mastered by: Dave Eck, Lucky Lacquers
Instigated by: Daryl

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