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December Razorcake Update
Sassy dragons unite!

By Staff
Saturday, December 06 2008

Hey everyone,

We hope these times are treating you and those closest to you well. I'd be lying if I said things were going smoothly down at Razorcake Headquarters, but I don't think I've ever honestly been able to say that. Same old, same old, and I mean in that my favorite possible way. We've been busy. Real busy. We have a new issue out that we all think is really great. There are some very unique, interesting interviews that connect in unexpected ways.

We also recently had some slip mats and koozies printed up, if you're so inclined you should check those out. Killer Dreamer 1000 Years of Servitude 12"EP+CD limited edition covers (25 only!), just in time for the X-mas season with its righteous red/green scheme. We have a lot of new distro records, some that had been lying around the office for a while and finally found their way onto the website. But great music all around, as well as some new zines that shouldn't be over-looked.

Take care & be safe,

Features: the Sass Dragons, Full Of Fancy, Rager, Ninja Gun, Hex Dispensers, and an article on vinyl records by Joseph Steinhardt. As well as all the columns and reviews that we cram into every issue. Check out the link for more info.

I Heart Drinking Beer and Listening to Records, Slip Mat and Koozie Set - $8
This isn't exactly music, but we don't really have a koozie/slip mat section on the website. This set is (1) split mat and (1) double-sided koozie. Both say "I Heart Drinking Beer and Listening to Records." If you buy this, please order a 12" record as well. It makes shipping a lot easier. And although we can't sell you a cold beverage, we request that you also buy on of those as well. It makes living a lot easier.

I Heart Drinking Beer and Listening to Records, Koozie - $2
Or just pick up the koozie and tell the slip mat to take a hike.

So when the Cali Mucho/Killer Dreamer dudes we're screening the covers for the 1000 Years of Servitude record they screened 50 with green ink instead of black. The band took 25 of them and we took 25. Everything else is the same. If you wish to order this record you have to include a name in the comments section of your order. It doesn't have to be your name, but we need something to inscribe in the dead wax. That way, you have a one-of-a-kind record.

Get 'em all for only $101.50! Go on, take the chance. Bite the cactus.

Art Of The Underground Single Series: Year Three Box Set - $45
Twelve 7"s here by the following bands: Young Offenders, The Potential Johns, Gordon Gano's Army, Potboiler, The Unlovables, Modern Machines, Giant Haystacks, North Lincoln, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Leftovers, Ghost Mice, and The Exit Strategy. The box contains some goddamn great music. A couple have been interviewed in the magazine, and one we're so crazy for we put on the cover.

The Bananas, New Animals LP - $9
It's as sweet as a Jolly Rancher, but as dangerous as a grenade with the pin already pulled in the hands of an infant. It's celebratory, raucous DIY pop that has the wonderful tendency to explode into unexpected chunks. This album is a great starting point for someone unfamiliar with the band and a long-time fan who can't put the earlier stuff down. (Recess)

Cola Freaks / Autistic Youth split 7" - $4.50
Cola Freaks: Great Danish punk that's innovative and uncompromising. These guys know how to disguise their pop music under veils of dark, unpredictable punk. Recorded by Jay Reatard. Autistic Youth: Imagine No Hope For The Kids or Young Wasteners growing up in Portland to the soundtrack of the Observers, as well as a healthy helping of Adolescents and other early West Coast punk bands. Great split. (Blackwater/Taken By Surprise/Sabotage)

Dead Mechanical, Medium Noise LP - $10
Finally! Vinyl! Yah! Woo! I let the CD version slip outta my fingers 'cause I was told it would soon be on vinyl. Over a year later, here we are. Ready to rock. I only heard this once and I loved it. Gruffy, scratchy, uneasiness mixed with poppy catchiness. Beautiful beautiful full color cover and insert too. (Toxic Pop)

Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Introducing... LP - $10
Jesse Smith and Dave Rahn of the Carbonas plus two others match-up to execute some brilliantly manicured pop. Reminiscent of Eater and The Saints; bands that didn't quite fit into the "natural order of things" when they were around, but their audio legacies are undeniable. The impeccable pacing also heavily reminds me of The Exploding Hearts, but more Merseybeat than Elvis Costello. (Douchemaster)

God Equals Genocide, Over and Dumb With It, Vol. 1 CD-R - $5
This CD-R is left over from their 2008 Southern Tour. It contains demo tracks, live tracks, and a couple unreleased ones. Hand-stamped and completely DIY as usual. Anyone who's a fan of the 7"s or live shows will surely appreciate this.

Shorebirds, It's Gonna Get Ugly LP - $10
The final recordings by this great, yet short-lived band. On this recording they take their brand DIY pop punk and throw some conceptual elements into the mix. This is an obvious pick for any fan of Jawbreaker, Husker Du, or social unrest (not the band). (Rumbletowne)

Tijuana Knife Fight, Saturday Night Apocalypse 12" - $8
This self-released one-sided 12" contains 8 songs of high-octane rock'n'roll. These San Pedro/Long Beach natives deliver the goods in a Hot Snakes-by-way-of-The Bronx manner that makes you wanna throw your TV through your living room window and go rock the bar till they kick you out. TKF have played shows with the Riverboat Gamblers, Toys That Kill, The Night Marchers and many more. This record contains a CD as well. (Self-released)


Chemical X DVD Zine  - $10
Combining years of Geykido Comet music and footage along with a whole slew of music videos and live footage from non-GC bands and tossing in some independent film elements, some photography and a bit of graffiti culture this DVD zine has it all. Features Killer Dreamer, The Copyrights, Shang-A-Lang, Underground Railroad To Candyland, and many more. (Geykido Comet)

Go Metric #22 - $2.50
It's back! Feast upon it's humor and music-related ridiculousness. Even if you don't usually read zines like Go Metric or Roctober I think they're extremely important to have around the house. If you don't know why, just buy it and find out.

Short, Fast & Loud #20 - $4
SF&L is a cool, DIY, newsprint zine dedicated to exactly what it's title claims. This issue contains interviews with ANS, Flag Of Democracy, and Mind of Asian. Definitely for anyone who loves extreme music or just digs reading cool music zines. (Six Weeks)

Zisk #17 - $2
The subtitle of this issue of Zisk is "Kiss This Thing Goodbye: Memories of Last Times at Our Favorite Ballparks." Truly touching. Includes a lot more baseball related stuff like usual. Also includes info on Eddie Vedder and Emmylou Harris' relationship with baseball. Plus much much more.

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