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Book Reviews From Issue #46
Chocolate word fountain.
By Staff

"Lesson: Make sure you put the lock through the thing you’re locking to and your bike, especially if you’re out drinking."
–CT Terry, The Chainbreaker Bike Book

DVD Reviews From Issue #46
Spinning, forever spinning.
By Staff

"Frosted bangs and a Saved by the Bell sense of splashy colors are the motif here."
–Aphid Peewit, T.S.O.L.: The Early Years Live: DVD

Record Reviews From Issue #46
By Staff

"Good Ol’ Agnostic Front, street warriors, brain warriors..."
–Craven Rock, SOUTHPAW: Stand for Something: CD

Record Reviews From Issue #46
Three Of Four!
By Staff

"Gang vocals are like writing a novel and italicizing all the text you think is clever and insightful."
–Bryan Static, LIVING WRECKS, THE: Cheap Heat: CD

Record Reviews From Issue #46
Two of Four?
By Staff

"Every song ends with an exclamation point, so you know they really mean it."
–Sean Koepenick, JOHN WALSH: Self-titled: CD-R EP

Upcoming Tour Dates
Leatherface, Killer Dreamer, and God Equals Genocide
By Staff

It's a great time to be alive and into tight music.

Records Reviews From Issue #46
One of Four
By Staff

"The painy strains of a moose being dragged by the nuts from a snowmobile."
–The Lord Kveldulfr, AMEBIX: No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recordings: CD

Razorcake Issue #46 Preview
Straight outta San Pedro, California...
By Staff

A little icky. A little sticky. And a whole lot of action rad.

Website Army Update For September
New Killer Dreamer 12''!
By Staff

Enter the world of Gorgomoth, armies of pigeons, and the end of the beginning.

Zine Reviews From Razorcake #45
This zine has piqued my interest in a few of these bands, which is what it’s sup
By Staff

Another mindfuck of an issue of what is most probably the creepiest artzine in Europe, if not the planet.

Book Reviews From Razorcake #45
Books: those things you're chewing on.
By Staff

The bulk of the book is devoted to attacks on progressives and secularists.

July's 7'' of the Month
Black Rainbow (Thrillhouse)
By Daryl Gussin

This 7” rolls up everything that is punk and DIY about the Bay Area scene.

DVD Reviews From Razorcake #45
Wow! All the bands I hate, conveniently on one DVD!
By Staff

Now, I have a problem sitting still for an hour. Around fifty-five minutes into the show, I have to pee.

Record Reviews From Razorcake #45
3 of 3
By Staff

With lyrics like “I can’t find my dick in this shit in my pants at the dog park” and a song about fucking a pastry, how could I not laugh? (Well, I guess I could “grow up.”)

Record Reviews From Razorcake #45
2 of 3
By Staff

One of those records that sounds pretty good at either speed. I prefer this at 33 RPM, which makes it more doom-ish, and dark. However, I believe this was meant to be played at 45 RPM.

Record Reviews From Razorcake #45
1 of 3
By Staff

Considering the third-rate record sleeve, I had no expectations for this record. Put it on… not bad.

Issue Preview for Razorcake #45
Guitars, Gatorade, and godfathers of nardcore.
By Staff

The U.K.’s arguably best intricate punk band returns to talk about their fancy gear, and beat the shit out of everyone they can!

Razorcake Records Releases Its Seventh Record!
God Equals Genocide, Life of Doubt 7''EP
By todd

Don Quixote tilted windmills, wholly convinced they were something else. Although he paid dearly for his miscalculations, he also, in a way, won.

Razorcake Records Re-releases Tiltwheel LP!
Battle Hymns for the Recluse Youth LP+CD Available Now.
By Staff

We love vinyl, but also realize that those backpack record players skip when we’re roller blading and getting rad, and more folks are using MP3 players.

Razorcake #44 Issue Preview
Designated Dale just can’t admit that Bruce Willis is a national treasure.
By Staff

Interviews with: The Potential Johns, Los Illegals, Bear Proof Suit, Statues, and Svartenbrandt.

Razorcake Tattoo = Lifetime Sub
Are you dumb/smart enought to get it?
By Staff

If we start suckin', it'll still be on you. Just something to think about.

Twenty-Five Razorcakes for Only $25
(Same Issue)
By todd

That’s right, mathy. That’s 100 cents per issue.

Comic Reviews From Issue #43
Stolen from ''No Longer Lost in the Supermarket''
By gary

Okay, this little book seemed doomed from the start.

DVD Reviews From Issue #43
Do you really think your lizard likes you?
By Staff

In other words, it is a white trash man-beast bacchanalia, a testicular fantasy land dreamt to life by rutting, beer-bellied slobs in executioner’s hoods.

Book Reviews From Issue #43
Words are like soldiers in the fight for your mind. And today is their judgement
By todd

Can someone please explain when Pearl Jam became a punk band?

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