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In the Spirit of Giving...
...Give Us Some Money
By Staff

What better way to mock the birth of Christ than listening to Hulk Hogan try to rap?

Bottles+Skulls Equipment Stolen
Van Recovered by Stoned Brazilian Pizza Guy
By Staff

Please check out descriptions of the band's gear, as there are some pretty recognizable traits about each item.

Riverboat Gambler Faces Large Medical Bills
and More Surgery
By Staff

Patrick Lillard, bass player of The Riverboat Gamblers got his face smashed and teeth broken as result of a flying microphone

Record Reviews Comin' Out of the Woodwork
Forty-two That Didn't Make It In #16
By Staff

Somehow they managed to fall short of even the low standards I had set. Rush meets nu metal-core.

Razorcake-Friendly Band, Scaredycat
Looking for a Hardcore Drummer
By todd

We'd like someone with a sense of humor who likes to play very, very fast.

A Handful of Zine Reviews
That Didn't Make It into Issue #15
By Staff

There's a story about how one of the guys in the band got poison ivy on his dick and not much else in the writing department. -Not Josh

Issue #17
Shirts Off, Dudes On
By Josh

The Grabass Charlestons: Interview by Retodd. Three of the nicest guys you could ever meet who just so happen to rock like their lives depend on it. This interview is funny as shit, spanning everything from Tuesday's biscuits to delivering Chinese food to human resources drones. On a side note, the Grabass Charlestons are on tour now, and their live show does not dissapoint.

And we can't forget the super cool cover art by Jason Willis of the Knockout Pills.

We've Got a Ton of Reviews That Were Not in Issue #15
Here's L-Z
By Staff

To say that this insipid pop is utterly forgettable would mean that I remember having actually listened to it at some point. -Puckett

We've Got a Ton of Reviews That Were Not in Issue #15
Here's A-K
By Staff

Sorry, guys, but the ante has been upped in the past twenty-six years. -Not Josh

Three Exploding Hearts Killed in Van Accident
By megan

Our thoughts and condolences go out to all of the family, friends, and fans of these boys.

We's Gots Some Reviews
Record Reviews That Didn't Make It into Issue #14
By Staff

Dude, you need, at the very least, a drummer something awful. Once you achieve that benchmark, we’ll talk about the songs. –Jimmy Alvarado

A Clutch of Zine Reviews
A History of the Musk Ox, to Blood, Sweat, and Tears to Death Masks
By Staff

"The only thing that I really thought was funny was the part where the singer of Death By Stereo said that his band is influenced by Dio. That's pretty priceless." -Josh

Headline Records in LA Is Moving
Hosting a Record Swap on 4/26/2003 and 4/27/2003
By todd

Due to their lease being up, Headline has to move a couple doors down. In effect, John, the owner, has to pay rent on both places during the overlap and finances are going to be tight.

Record Reviews Turned in the Last Couple of Months
Part Two
By Staff

From Marky Ramone and the Speedkings to The Vindictives.

Record Reviews Turned in the Last Couple of Months
from Fleas and Lice to Dolly Parton to Emo Caca Poo Poo Mierda
By Staff

The first half of the 150 web-exclusive record reviews, bands alphabetically between 5 Cent Deposit and Man Will Destroy Himself

Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission
Broke Up
By todd


The Smut Peddlers Are Looking for a New Guitarist
Razorcake Public Service Announcement
By Staff

Well folks, we have some bad news. Lead guitarist, Roger Ramjet, has decided to leave Smut Peddlers.

Record Reviews That Were Turned in for Issue #10,
That We Couldn't Fit in the Zine Because We Don't Want to Squish the Type
By Staff

"Even though I bought this on sale, I wasted ten bucks." –Donofthedead

Do You Want to Be in Print?
Ask Nørb for Some Advice and He'll Answer You in the Next Issue of Razorcake<
By Staff

Perhaps we were a little too fancy in our asking last time, so I'll make it simple. If you email us, seeking us some advice - any fucking advice - we forward your message to Nørb, he ruminates over it, gestates it, and his answers becomes his column in the print magazine.

Record reviews that were turned in for issue #9
The Flood of Music Continues
By Staff

Shit, we get a lot of stuff to review. Here are eighty-three reviews of new releases we couldn't place in issue #9. From the excellent to the ass-sucking, scan this list to see what could possibly tickle your fancy the next time you go record hunting.

Dee Dee Ramone Found Dead
Open Submission for Remembrances
By todd

I would like to personally like to extend an open call for thoughtful obituaries or anecdotes about Dee Dee and The Ramones. All emails will be considered.

Rhythm Chicken to be on TV
Set Your VCR or See Him in a Bar with Satellite
By paul


Do You Like Drinking? Are You in a Band?
Does Your Band Have Songs About Drinking?
By todd

Want to get your band's song on a great comp?

Update on the Stabbing at Mr. T's Bowl
Two Accounts of the Crime; Assailant Still at Large
By Staff

There have been a couple of new developments and clues surrounding the stabbing incident at Mr.T's Bowl. Namella's information is updated with new information. Also, Erika, who was at the show, gives her account of what happened.

Record reviews that were turned in for issue #8
The few that didn't make it into print.
By Staff

Due to some new circumstances (extra pages, a bit smaller type), we were able to put into print over 98% of our record reviews in issue #8. Here are several that we couldn't fit.

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