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Record Reviews from Issue #39, 1 of 4
The Last Great American Pastime
By Staff

Undocumented brain goo...

Issue #39 Preview
For fans of authors, Rush, and beavers.
By Staff

Gary Hornberger thinks that Paris Hilton sucks.

Help John Stabb
Lead singer of Government Issue and Factory Incident.
By Staff

I'm getting regular updates from John and he's keeping his sense of humor through having his face completely reconstructed.

Razorcake Records Going Fast
Toys That Kill is out of Print. Tiltwheel soon to follow...
By todd

Out of the 500 pressing of each (hand numbered), we only fifteen left of the Tiltwheel record. It’s first come, first served, and then that’s it… Nope. Not bluffing.

New Items In The Distro
Now with alternate descriptions.
By Staff

Take a seat in your favorite bean bag chair and open up a can of FUCK YEAH!

Central California Flyer Exhibit
Even If You Can't Make It, Check out a Great Project
By Staff

Our good friend Mark is doing a bang up job in keeping the largely overlooked central California punk scene remembered by its own artwork. He’s hosting a flyer show. Even if you can’t make it, check out his link. It’s a good cause.


Razorcake Issue #38 Preview
From the people who brought you #37.
By Staff

Features interviews with Radon, Circle One, X-Mist Records, Ryan Leach's dad, and an article by Roxy Epoxy.

Razorcake Records
Dumb Enough to Be a Good Idea
By todd

Since we weren’t going absolutely crazy running a zine, a website, and a distro, we said, "What the hell" Let’s do a record company.

Record Review Overflow From Issue #37, 2 of 2
By Staff

Bad hardcore from a bunch of high school kids who’ve already broken up. I was going to say that there’s too much blank space between each song, but the fact is that those extended moments of silence are actually the most enjoyable part of this CD.

Record Review Overflow From Issue #37, 1 of 2
You don't even have to retype it for your press sheet.
By Staff

Poor guys: real cowboys would kick their asses, and real Hot Topic mall punks would laugh at them for dressing like their redneck uncle.

Book Reviews For Issue #37
They're like movie trailers for your mind.
By Staff

The beginning was slow going until I found out a secret. If I read parts that were giving me trouble aloud, they made perfect sense.

Zine Reviews For Issue #37
Hear what a bunch of dorks have to say about other dorks.
By Staff

The only rewarding aspect of this magazine that I found is that it allows people to show how shallow they really are.

Razorcake Issue #37
Make friends with #37.
By Staff

Interviews with Joan Jett, Stressface, Young People With Faces, The Vicious, and the Abi Yoyos.

Solicitation For Writers
Do you have something to say?
By todd

Open call for Razorcake columnists and live show reviewers.

''Framing Invasion'' Podcast Link
Multi media!
By Staff

Razorcake Issue #36
Check it out, we got the name of the band right!
By Staff

Interviews with Off With Their Heads, Street Dogs, Entropy, and Pointed Sticks.

Record Reviews
One of our contributors has their 9 year old daughter write their reivews...
By Staff

"I will be absolutely one hundred percent direct. No need to buy this CD, there’s nothing here that would interest even a deranged monkey."

Book Reviews
What? You don't like books?
By Staff

Dude, you just got out of prison on parole, why would you think running over a cop is a good idea?”

The Smut Peddlers Are Looking For A Second Guitarist
By Staff

Do you have what it takes?

Zine Reviews
From Full-Blown Taunting to Glimmers of Hope
By Staff

Constructive criticism can take a hike for a second.

Solicitation For Donations
By Staff

What does it mean that Razorcake is non-profit exactly? It means that no one can make a profit off of Razorcake.

Razorcake Issue #35
Due to certain circumstances the issue may only be available for a limited time.
By Staff

Interviews with Blöödhag, Billy Childish, The Loved Ones, Larry Hardy, The Feelers, Whiskey & Co., plus an array of interesting columns.

Issue #35 Web Record Reviews
Just when you thought you read them all...
By Staff

"On one hand, they’re stoked to sing about their awesome friends who treat them like family, and on the other they seem to have a never ending list of friends who stabbed them and/or the scene in the back."

Issue #35 Zine Web Reviews
They sent it in, we read it, wrote some stuff about it, now you get to read it!
By Staff

"Maybe these folks could wait ‘til they have a decent amount of stuff assembled and then put out a zine that, you know, actually needs staples and stuff."

Razorcake Issue #34
By joe

Interviews with Signal Lost, Japanther, Teenage Bottlerocket, Direct Control, Brad Warner, and the Last.

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